So I got the OK a week ago. From both the Doc and most importantly – G. Everything seems fine but it’s just something I have to get monitored each year.  It was about time we got the news since I didn’t want to go into my September training plan without some type of info.  Apparently the letter was sent ot the wrong address.

Though I had used all of August to build in preparation for Clearwater, it was mostly hill work with progressing time and distances overall each week. Now with September, the technical stuff comes into play, the workouts get specifically disected, and the harder stuff begins. Gina has done some fine work baking the goods and structuring my eating plans. The crew on Thursday night Time Trials got treated to her famous ganache brownies. That was fun to do the past month and we got 15-20+ people each week to come and test themselves on a tough course.  She herself has done well in preparing for her 5 miler in a few weeks often doing the 4.5 mile course 2-3x a week. 

We only wish the sun would come up sooner. It doesn’t really peep until almost 7am now and we have 2 full months before Daylight Savings!!! We got a taste of some cooler weather finally thanks to the hurricanes and that has brought some relief from the humidity and heat the past few weeks. We actually sleep now with the window opened. We continue on as usual. I hope to be able to do a race in October to get a test in before the trip. But we are planning to take a weekend trip to Wilmington at the end of the month. The book is coming along nicely and just a few re-reads when I get the chance to make subtle changes. 

Special thanks to the staff at Amy’s Bread back home for giving the VIP treatment to the Thursday Nite run ladies. They had a great time touring the bakery and visiting NYC for the weekend.

For now – all systems clicking.

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