The past month has been a steady routine of training, work, home for dinner, then repeat the process. We enjoy our Sundays vigilantly – even to the point of turning off our phones off the entire day so we just do what we want to. The time has come now for our final event and though it’s a biggie, we look forward to it more as finally “getting away” than venturing to a World Championship race.
Clearwater is where we got engaged – and at the inaugural year of this same race (at the finish line nonetheless!) So it is also a special place for us to be able to revisit and take time for ourselves. We haven’t gone away together anywhere since June when we went to Texas!
The cooler weather is upon us now in the mornings so a final blast of warm/hot weather will be a welcomed treat too.

Daylight Savings! I don’t get the concept since it gets darker earlier and the sun still comes up close to 7am. But deal with it and hope to spread the word to all the runners out there still wearing black/dark clothing that no one can see them. Ahh, the book will definitely open a few eyebrows!!! Though it might not matter much here in Charlotte since riding my bike into work I still get 1-2 close calls in broad daylight.

I am traveling to the annual Running Event conference in Austin, Tx but will not get to stay there all week like last year since it falls the same week as Clearwater. I instead have to fly out early Monday morning, and fly back Tuesday night, only to board a plane again on Wednesday morning for Clearwater. This will make packing a priority on Sunday and I will need to be efficient (Gina too since she is picking/dropping me off).
Thanks to Bill and David at Ship It Here, the bike is on its way and will be there by Wednesday. They’ve been a great help on shipping my bike to the 3 races I traveled to this season. 

All the plans for the event have been detailed and filed. Gina and I have compiled every aspect of the trip and since we’ve been there before it wasn’t too much planning. The checklist will be compiled Sunday.  
We even found a Rita’s for the ever important post-event (and pre-event) nourishment!!! That didn’t stop us from getting our fix at Rita’s here, where John is making a special send-off mix for me. if you must know – a mix of Fudge Bronwie, Coconut Cream, and Cookies/Cream ice layered in Coffee soft serve – WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Gina is really looking forward to getting away and we both plan to sit down and talk things over while we are down there to plan our “plans” for 2010. We both have some ideas on the table and need to make some decisions by end of the year. 
I am feeling good thanks to G’s insistence on tapering well and making sure I don’t get sick. Her baked goods are becoming staples and it’s all fine by me. She even has prepared a special “hot toddy” for the days I show sniffles or when I was worn down last week. Although I hear her’s is more potent.    
I also have to give a thank you to Molly Almquist for the tune-up massage and feedback on areas that need to be addressed. She has conjured up special lotions and scents thatcontinue to add to her arsenal.   

I plan to leave all aspects of happenings here behind while I focus solely on the task at hand. I will let it rip and aim for a PR. A year end taper is in the works. The innervation has begun. The playlist is set. Sine Metu.
You can follow the athlete tracker on for full race coverage on Saturday, Nov. 14th.


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