This is the time I love best – Advent into Christmas, with a thing called Thanksgiving beforehand. It has been my routine for years now to end my training/racing season before Thanksgiving and prepare for the Advent season into Christmas while doing what I called “play”. I get to train but nothing structured. Gina and I have been going out for jogs together and I am getting the chance to “relax” as Gina likes to say. Service is the number one priority and tis’ the season for giving. I have plenty to be thankful for, especially after another great year, and we were surprised by another early development.

I have been recruited by Polar the past few months on a position they originally had in mind to create come 2010. I was on a few phone interviews and was basically answering a knock on the door from them. Sure I’d be interested and listened with eagerness. It was only in the last month that things developed quickly where a position opened up in their customer service department and they wanted to know if I’d be interested in starting there. After discussing details with them, and my buddy Wayne Vartabedian, it got to a point where now I was asked to fly up to NY for an interview (the main office is in Lake Success, NY). This was before we were leaving for Clearwater, so it was a crazy November flying to Austin, Clearwater, and then NY in a matter of 2 weeks.

The Turkey Trot race here was in full swing so with a record 6300 people entered, you can imagine the controlled chaos that needed to be put in place. It still almost got me sick, but G helped me manage things and supplied the both of us with enough Echinacea and “hot toddy’s” to fight off any illness! In a matter of a weekend, I got offered the job, filled out all the forms, accepted the position, and G started making arrangements to find a new home while starting to pack for Long Island. Yes – we made the decision to move back to NY. Polar made an offer I couldn’t pass up. It is an opportunity to work for a company I have respected and a product I have used for the better part of 15 years. Even was sponsored by them for 2 years. The position would have me as a customer service rep, but also assisting in their tech, expos, web tutorials, and whatever capacity they may need me to learn. This is a career move and I did more than “listen to my body”, I prayed, reflected and listened to my soul.

Gina and I are both excited, but we had to wait until after Thanksgiving to tell everyone since all of this was decided the Monday before. We are now in full moving mode ( G is an ace at this ) and know the days will go by quick. We have given notice for around the 15th of December and will miss Charlotte along with the many people/vendors/friends we have made here the past 2.5 years. I am not one for “Good-Bye.” That is for when you die. Instead, have known that this world is too small to have our paths not cross anymore. I will still coach/chat with the run group by email. Maybe come back for a race. I simply say “Thank You.”

Gina and I are in the process of securing an apartment in the Glen Oaks neighborhood, located in Bellrose, NY, a few miles from Polar. We will be close to our families again, as Brooklyn and Queens are only 10-15 miles away. I will post an update as to our new address, but for now, our email and cell numbers will not change (actually they never did).

I am excited to not only represent Polar, but with Wayne’s help, will be a part of Team Sunrise Tri and have a connection with the Sayeville Running Company.

I want to take this opportunity to thanks my sponsors – Aquaphor, BioFreeze, Swiss Eye, Molly Almquist, EPEC Fitness, and John at Rita’s Ice (they have 2 in Long Island – yes!!)

Everyone on TEAMMC, those listed to the right on the website’s links section have always been instrumentl to me, and new sponsors for 2010 include NUUN and NRG Bar.

I personally would like to thank Scott Dvorak at Charlotte Running Co, for giving me the chance to work and manage his stores for the past 2 years. He helped get me started here in Charlotte, and the knowlegde I gained from this experience has only enhanced my ability to train/race better, and learn to offer exceptional customer service within this industry. It has even sparked my interest in writting a book which has been completed, and I now look to get published. A special shout out goes to Cathy and Dana at CRC for their help and friendship – to be continued as we have to get Dana back into racing shape.

And so during this Advent season, look around you. The days may be shorter, but the light you shine on others will never grow dim. Make it a point to “spend” more time – YOUR time – with as many people as you can in spreading some sort of holiday cheer. It’s the best present you can offer, priceless in it’s value, and one that can be opened each day even beyond the holidays.

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings everyone.




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