Hard to believe, but it’s already been over a month since we settled in. Though it is still at times brisk and cold, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with it and can rock running shorts just below 40 degrees. It now has to get below 20 degrees for it to be cold for me.
Even when it gets cold, windy and chillin, I just “Sugoi Up” and I’m good. Training has been great as I have built a pretty solid base this month. Though Gina has mentioned on clamping down a bit as she has seen what I have done each week, I know a week of easing up is in store and will be applied as I move into Base #2. I don’t want to be grounded already.
She has completed a month on her new job as well and has come to enjoy being back in the hood. She has gone to great strides to make Holmes comfortable, and the cat has enjoyed the additions of several toys, a perch, and his new digs a small cat tent bed by the radiator. He’s luving it now that he no longer considers the idea of going near the door. She is even learning to text more often though she hates to. New phone. She kinda has to.

Gina and I have also been able to plan our weekends around exploring the area shopping centers, going on some morning jog/walks together, recently assisting her family in needed errands, and basically well hanging out. On several evenings during the week when she gets home, we go for a quick jog where we catch up on the day’s duty and clear the day off our shoulders.
It’s a quiet neighborhood and makes for reflective runs even in the early morning and I have already created several good routes – short and long – for training. I mostly do extra runs during my lunch break while my rides are all on my spinner/computrainer. The Polar 600 power reader on the Black Widow has been a great addition to my indoor riding this year. Even after a month, overall I have been able to stay in the required zones needed to build my base properly.
The UBE completes my upper body “swimming” and is often followed in short bursts after a run or ride. I even get to commute back and forth to work in as little as 10-15 minutes each way so the Xterra gets to sit idle all week and “relax”. All this under the ever watchful eye of Gina. All good.  Heck, I even completed a Myers-Briggs psych test and it nailed me right on (well with a slight twist here or there but agreeable with) – just call me an ISTJ. Word up.  

These past 4 weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions. Both with the new job and learning everything there, completing our move (yes the cable is in and the HP up and running nicely – Thanks Brad!), finally enjoying some time together on weekends, and just trying to project goals for 2010, each workout has helped me focus on dealing with certain feelings, create ideas, and reinforce my resolve for what lies ahead, while slowly letting go of what we left behind. Faithfully.
Slow and low, that is the tempo. And it’s working nicely. 

The Olympics are coming up but after seeing a dude do a double flip with a snowmobile on Winter X, I kinda dig that instead. While rockin my Monster of course. Well, maybe doing a luge is fun.

I started to take a look at what races I will do this year. I do know the first race will be the Kings Park 15k in early March. This is in Gina’s sister’s hood and since there is a fun run, should be a great family event to be in. A target in May will be the Long Island Half, then the Montauk century bike ride – all favorites we participated in when we lived here.
From here, it looks like the Rev3 half Ironman Triathlon in Quassy, CT come June, maybe if lucky a return to Texas with the Wilson’s at Buffalo Springs, and then some shorter tri’s in the summer months all locally here on Long Island. Don’t know what final race I will peak for, but it will be a Half-Ironman and towards late October.
FPC got in contact with us with some of his “plans” and “ideas” so his vision may change these races somewhat, but this is what I am sticking to and will be discussing more in depth with the Ironsherpa over our weekend sangria!

With Lent coming up in a few weeks, it will be here that I end my Base period and begin doing the faster, harder stuff with more structure. The sun will be coming up before 7am finally and setting closer to 6pm. A great transiton to what evolves both within and outward. Looking forward to it.

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