Gina and I ventured out for the Montauk Century. It is a nice ride which I often have done when we lived here and we actually did a ride on our own when we first started dating which was a glipse of what we both were in for regarding our personalities.

We were going to have a great weather weekend so it was exciting to plan a “getaway”. I looked forward to getting the Black Widow out there and taking her through the motions. I started in Babylon which is about 30 miles from here since I was doing the 100 mile route. The plan was to get out to Montauk by noon so Gina and I could have about 2 hrs of hanging out there before making the 2+ hr drive back home. Gina was to SAG to each rest stop for my “check-ins”.

We got up before 5am and made it to Babylon in time for me to start at 6:15 am. We brought the Harris Teeter cooler that John from RITA’s had sent to me and it was a great idea. I stocked with with every goodie they had to offer even though I was set with the fuel I was going to use for the ride. In fact, each rest stop (about 25 miles apart) was like that and we came home with a GNC store’s worth of stuff.

I bundled up as it was in the 50′s still and started my ride. My new Odwalla long sleeved jersey was the move! I was toasty warm and layered with my Polar gear underneath. I only focused on my cadence and power meter since I was to keep it in my Big Gear the entire time, toggling between 3-4 different speeds every 30 minutes. Worked like a charm!

Only thing was it was sooooooooo lonely out there. I thought there would be plenty of riders, but nothing. A few every now and then, but nothing like I remembered. It made for great focus and intense reflection as all I listened to was the sound of my breathing, the wind in my face, and the humming of my wheels. Oh, and also the view of some multi-millie houses and neighborhoods. It got warmer every 2 hours that by the time I made it to the 3rd stop, I had peeled away all my layers. Gina was doing great as she found each stop and we recapped briefly for 5+ minutes each time. I stocked the cooler up with snacks offered by volunteers, did 50 pushups, and off I went.

We remembered each stop and saved the route as these will be great re-visiting locales for our own weekend jaunts this summer. I did get one scare in hitting a small pothole with my front tire but all was good. I thought for sure I busted something or would flat but no. With everything ok, it was the final push to “The End”.

The volunteers did a great job at each rest area and made for a home coming greeting as I hit Montauk at noon exactly and was the second person to finish!! No joke. Unreal! I made it out there on 2 “drinks” (Nuun mixes) and an Odwalla bar. The weather was now at it’s peak, a band was playing in the center of town, and now it was time for kisses, hugs, a few photos, and some hanging with G! We had a great time as I treated her to breakfast, walked the entire town, and were able to head out by 2pm. Sure enough the packs were coming in by then and as we drove home we saw the vast majority of riders who were heading in. We beat traffic, were home by 4:30pm and got to chill and recover, finishing off with dinner and a Netflix. An awesome 100 mile adventure (and then back by car).

Reflective and secure, it’s just now a power forward.

Notes: The new Gatorade product is simply the older version – sucrose based, no more high fructose corn syrup. The protein source in their G3 is hydrolyzed protein and I don’t know how nasty that would taste in a drink and don’t plan on anytime soon. But it’s interesting since they already offered a great line of team sports shakes, bars, and drinks on their website.

Holmes on Homes has become G’s show of choice and have to admit, guy does the job right. She has started planting the garden and we have great flowers already blooming and are pleasantly surprised.

Next up – Ironclad Sprint triathlon on May 30th!

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