I qualified for Team USA for next November’s ITU World Championships, had a great racing season overall in reference to times and placings, got to become re-actualized at Hood to Coast Relay, and on Oct. 16th, on a beautiful day (and also known as The Sweetest Day), married my dearest Regina – a.k.a., “G”, and “Ironsherpa”. I’ve spent the past 2 weeks just “playing” enjoying a few days sleeping in a bit longer, letting my mind and body recover fully, and for a full week after the wedding – eating leftovers each night with my new wife and savoring a piece of Amy’s Bread black and white cake for dessert!! It has given me time to break things down, reflect on what I did, what I want to do, and how I need to get there. What has become a new power in me, is what is now on me – a piece of jewelery, around my finger. I never wore jewelery, but this ring that I feel and look at each day now has energized me in a powerful way, and one I now add to the other I have been using all these years. What it represents, well, it is a bit difficult to express in words when all I have to do is point in the direction of Gina. Plain and simple. Blessed.

Even though I may jump in a few more holiday season type races, Gina and I both have been enjoying our morning workouts together and stretching sessions to end the day. Some down time. Good stuff.

I have my goals next season and will finalize the list by year end. Of course it will all gear towards the World Long Distance Championships on Nov 5th of 2011, but there are a few travel races we’d like to attend as preparation, in addition to the string of local races here on Long Island that we enjoyed. I will strap on the heart monitor again in 2 more weeks and toggle a RS400/800/S625x combo this season with my CS600/500 still on the Black Widow. Once my coach gives me the OK (and I get my weight closer to 130), it’s game time as I will begin my base building over the Advent season and into the year end.  Awaiting.

The wedding was a great success. All the planning we did paid off and I highly recommend to anyone getting married – it doesn’t beat being in control and having a handle in every detail of it. Granted we were on a tight budget funded by ourselves, were forced to do all handling of the “details” to the bone, but it also displayed the teamwork that make our replationships special. A big thank you to Fr. Hughes and Msgr. Ogle for the Mass ceremony, The Aurora Gallery for the reception space, Chateau Joe for the personalized catering, Anthony Macapugay for the photos, and Amy’s Bread for the best cake and cupcakes!! A shout out to Gina’s sister’s, Christina and Susan,  for their help in the pary favors and to her niece Megan for the ancillary bridesmaid duties. Photos of the event can be seen on my website photos section, Gina’s Facebook (now under Regina Paoloni-Carbone), and the Aurora Gallery’s Facebook page.

I also finished coaching the Cross Country team at St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn. We had the 3rd best female runner in the conference, our womens team finished 5th, and our guys team – comprised mostly of a motley crew of basketball, soccer, and baseball players, held their own despite finishing last in most events, but their teamwork and jovial attitude made is always a fun time at practice and events. Certainly coaching is a occupation I enjoy and seeing such student-athletes achieve their goals is a worthwhile endeavor to be involved with.  Follow them all at

On Friday, Nov. 5th, I will be at the POLAR booth for this upcoming NYC Marathon expo helping out and then on Saturday, Nov. 6th I will be working the ODWALLA booth as part of my sponsorship, together with the rest of the NYC ODWALLA team. Come by, enjoy a healthy snack and smoothie, get a look at some training tools, sneakers, clothes, everything fitness, and catch the excitement of the marathon weekend. The expo will be held at the Javits Convention Center.

And so WE continue to reflect on OUR plans for 2011. WE see things changing, and if need be, WE will do the necessary changing to head in the direction WE’D like them to head. WE will look forward, as always, to OUR favorite time of the year and savor TOGETHER the remaining weeks of 2010. WE like the sound of that. 



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