Advent has been a great time this year as both Gina and I got to spend the past several weeks in quiet evaluation, planning with some renewed anticipation towards our look at 2011, and are finishing with some interesting ideas and goals – both racing and others. I have resumed some formal training and took a needed true day off thanks to some over excitement last week - with being Santa (we picked up our 4 ft tree and decorated), starting some training (the Kahunas asked if I could run the Low Country Half Marathon in Charleston in January), getting use to our first cold spell with temps in the low 30′s, some 2 hours of bowling one night with the Polar gang (a 145 and160, plus 100 extra throws), and finally visiting St Joe’s College in Patchogue to watch the annual East vs West basketball games with FPC’s Brooklyn campus (and we even found a Rita’s while there that was still open so I downed a Pumpkin Pie Gelati!!!).

 I got hammered with soreness and body aches, along with a fever that knocked me out the past few days. With a dreary Sunday of nothing but pouring rain and wind, I took it in stride to just rest. Gina worked her magic by making sure I did just that (and an hour nap) but also made some cookies and focused my direction other things like revising parts of my book. She even got me to take baby aspirin when she bought some home in bubble gum flavor. I NEVER take any medicine regardless of how I feel but had to succomb to that one!

The Christmas songs are playing, we have all our gifts completed and this makes for my favorite time of the year. We got to visit my Mom in St Charles and laid a Christmas wreath down as a gift, plus re-introduce G, this time as an official member of the family. You can really feel and reflect in the open air of a cemetary all within a few moments of time. Radiant.

Now we have created a preliminary plan of our 2011 season, with only 2 primary races in mind, but a good bunch to help support the development towards those events. The opportunity to represent TEAM USA at the ITU World Championships is certainly one highlight that I am eager to be a part of, and getting to race with Wade Wilson again in Lubbock will be the first of those 2 primary events.  But we also are anticipating some possible options in case we have other opportunities that become available. I have listed the events below, but certainly the local ones are subject to change. I have been using the past month on “tinckering” with every aspect of my form, trying different formats, playing, making mistakes, and the necessary shedding of the 2010 self that needed to be disposed of. With the darkness that dominates this time of year, it has become quite comforting, knowing the road that lies ahead will be well lit. Anxious anticipation. Listen.

A shout out to both Ashley Widis and Brad Mintz in Charlotte who both PR’d at their marathons this fall. It was a pleasure coaching them this summer towards their goals. Thanks also to Brad for reviewing my book and giving me great feedback.  

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas!


January 8 – Sayeville Running Company Brewery 10 miler

January 15 – Charleston Half Marathon (Big Kahunas)

March 6 – Caumsett 25K

March 19 – Kings Park 15K

May 1 – Long Island Half Marathon


August – Hood to Coast Relay?

September 11 – Toughman Half Ironman



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