So Base 1 is in the system and I am feeling good. The weather has not been an issue at all thanks to the right gear (Sugoi baby), being careful, and not paying attention to the weather people (except Jim Cantore).  And the snow storm, though knocking the city out a bit, has not hindered us one bit on the training front. I have been adding plenty of hill running, started to now add pace intervals on the bike trainer, and speed/strength work on the UBE. The M-O for MC  is to simply work on “dropping the hips” and finding the right position on the Black Widow Felt. Gina has helped do some video tape analysis and we are picking it apart and getting there. I will eventually ask the guys at Sunrise Tri for overall assessments come spring, but I am confident in our work this winter. The past 4 weeks have been great at getting comfortable with everything becoming more routine, more structured. Holidays are over. Plus, thanks to the new Tanita scanner from Santa, an even better evaluation by Gina each week.  And how’s “married” life? Just great – we’re 3 months in and plan a date night each month to celebrate. We actually did that anyway. We even started to have some chess nights! G even finished another crochet blanket. And of course Holmes, in this weather, has had plenty of new cushioned sleeping beds to choose from (he eats Fluff and mayo too). For us, plenty of snuggling, laughing, and love each day.

So what’s the APP?

Attention to Precision Practice (and then Performance, so APPP). I heard last week that the word “app” has been named word of the year so it got me thinking to what’s my APP?  Being able to set, plan, execute, and follow through with everything in the program will help assure that I can race well at each event this season, and prepare for the BIG events on the schedule. I am leaving Friday for my first race simulation by going to the Charleston Half Marathon on the 15th. I will be pacing some of the Big Kahunas (being a Kahuna myself) who are looking to reach time goals to qualify them for the NYC marathon. It will require a race effort, but in a milder climate, and a good chance to spice things up while getting to hang with some of the gang again (and finally meet The Colonel). Yes, they plan to do Hood to Coast again in August, and the movie about last year’s race is due to come out this week (, so Coach scheduled this event to get as many of the crew in for some very early season racing. It is going to be  fun work and I am looking forward to getting a small “kick” in for myself since it will be March before my racing officially begins. This does mean that even though the weather gets freezing, I still shave down and even buzz the head.  All part of the APP.

I am also fortunate to be considered again for Team Nuun and Team Odwalla. I had a great time representing both companies last year and hope to get the nod this year as my applications have been accepted again. The Goji Berry flavor Nuun by the way is a smash and I’ve been using it this base period. Gina along with her sisters Chris and Susie,  have been using their skillz at constructing other different dinners, snacks, and drinks (sangria!). And certainly we’ve both been entering daily for the HGTV Dream Home.

Every Tuesday night, I started to run with Mo and the crew at Quantum Runners ( for their 6 miler. Gina has even walked a few with their walking group. It’s a great shop only 4 miles away and we finally joined them for runs over the Christmas holiday. We were instantly impressed with the fun and openness of the crew. Mo is a great runner in her own right, and her shop is setup very nicely – quite like how I envisioned the way a good local specialty running shop should be. She does great work with the schools in the area and even with autistic runners. A pleasure to run with them each week.

With a week already into Base 2, January is shaping up to becoming a great “shaping up”.  I am looking at many options come this race season and will use the next few months to re-evaluate with Gina after each month as we proceed towards the goal of a big race representing TeamUSA at the ITU Worlds.  The APPlication program continues in effect.

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