Advent has been a wonderful chance for me to take stock in what was in 2011. I cherish the unstructured aspects of those four weeks to shed the inner layers, review the positives and negatives, evaluate new goals, and begin on growing those new layers that are stronger, thicker, and yet sensitive. Gina and I have been able to accomplish many things this year – our first full year of marriage – and are happy to have continued again our life in Charlotte. Though the holidays are often quick to be commercialized, we know all too well the true value of the gift of giving our time, efforts, and love to others is worth more than any material gift. It is amazing the lengths people go to for that one gift, or heck gifts, only to stress themselves out in the process. I use to be a devotee of the gift card, but now feel unless specific with it, the old value based card is lame. What’s funnier is TRYING to shop for a gift and not having a clue to what size, what item, or even a WHAT that person could use. Anyone take stock in hints people give during the year? I have even stopped the whole Christmas card thing, primarily because we prefer the phone call or would rather send a nice unique picture to all. Speaking of cards, please we appreciate the card, but send us a picture of YOU and the kids!! I guess the idea of a TEAMMC video sprung from this, but I figure it can replace the sending of a Christmas card from us.

That’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy the gifts we gave each other – heck I got a new “man chair” and big thanks to Coach over at Sealy for helping Santa deliver a new mattress for Gina – of which we now climb into bed each night – but for us personally, it’s the time to enjoy company, soak up the merriness, and usher in a new year, a new you.
I have enjoyed my “play” training, and now gear up for a new season. The darkness of morning and night bring the winter chill, but it has become comforting. I have some plans of which races I will do, but most will be local here in Charlotte until mid year. I have also been awarded Honorable Mention All American by the USAT for my race results in 2011, a nice surprise given I only did 3 events. I have applied for certain sponsorships but will maintain the ones I have with Polar, BioFreeze, Aquaphor, and Odwalla. I have had Molly at Almquist Massage do a eval assessment and WHOA! did she find some kinks. Always a plus to get checked out every few months and get homework from her for functional training. I also look forward with my continued testing of the C-Prime bracelet of which I was able to Macgyver my RoadID on to use everyday. But deep inside, I have additional motivation guiding me into the new year.
Back in October, my Dad was unexpectedly hospitalized and is very ill. Gina’s Mom has also been going through an illness, making this an emotionally exhausting time for us both to grasp. We have been able to return to NY for the Christmas weekend to visit each, and as we return on this flight home, know what lies ahead for each. We do what we can. We accept what is truth. We ask for the truth. We try to move on with that.
I have taken these four weeks to construct a video of what I feel to be a summary of TeamMC to this day. I thank Brad Mintz from my run group at CRC for helping me with this project, but felt I needed to release something (other than my book due soon) that will help me show everyone what we’re about. I have put up our Wall Monkey in the training room and will emphasize my daily pre-dawn wake-ups with every inspiring thing I can visually use the charge the senses. The ipod has new playlists and my man Trent from My Lost Remedy got a great new song in “Run”. Even this video unexpectedly has become an innervator. The link here will take you too it, please enjoy and Thank You!@
As cryptic as it may sound, I do not fear my own mortality. I fully accept it and realize through my faith it’s true power. This power of being able to see through that darkness is what drives me, it’s what helps me through each day in my prayers, actions, and attitude. That so called “light at the end of the tunnel” is where the true power lies to be harnessed. But by choice – we either fear it, or embrace it. We can’t take anything with us in the end, so those talks of making money, more money, cars, blah, blah, blah, basically sum up to jack squat to me. know anyone who was buried with their wallet?  What’s your internal value. Have you made your life worth-while? Will others be able to take stock and cash in from your influence when your gone? This to me is what Advent helps reinforce. It’s the reason to look forward to the Christmas season, what advances us with a new armor into the new year. My shield is ready. Bring it.


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