So here we are finally with some cooler weather. Nothing I like better than an overcast day, misty rain, and a breeze dipping the temps into the lower 50’s. On Sunday’s, G and I like to just do our deal in the morning, make some good breakfast, and catch up on reading, chores, mainly trying to “rest”. And finish some good sangria with dinner of course. Speaking of which, we’ve managed to avoid an actual full shopping day in several weeks, rummaging with what we have in the fridge and pantry to devise some meals during the week. We are coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary and its been awesome! Got some things planned just for us, but its funny when comparing to others who are in the 15th, 25th, heck the Wilson’s in Lubbock just had their 35th! I look forward to each and everyday with her.  Amor Vincit Omnia!

So I am a month into my preparations for NYC Marathon, and following a heavy loaded plan has been a welcomed challenge. I haven’t raced a full out marathon in a few years (but have done so in Ironmans) so this is feeling different too, being a mostly run program. The outdoor pool in our complex is officially closed, so no more chilly wetsuit swims, but great for ice leg soaks if they let me. I have some huge days, mainly Mondays, and analyze everything daily thanks to my Polar heart monitors, along with the online, add some vigilant documentation, and I have been able to analyze/ make adjustments with the training loads. In addition, I have to be extra cautious on nutrition, but got G’s help on that one along with H2Overdrive, along with a steady dose of Dunkin Donuts and iced coffee at the store (the pumpkin is the bomb). I added my 110% Compression garments for nightly ice downs and during sleep after heavy days which add up to about 18-20 hr training weeks. A big thanks to Jessica Marriot at Sports Massage, Inc. for treatment, as Molly Almquist has relocated out west. Jessica is known through the area for her years of work on Charlotte athletes and am happy to become a client now. Speaking of work, it has been a steady seesaw, but I have been doing projects to stay busy and our annual Turkey Trot is around the corner (yes, CRC Big Turkey has signed up and will be racing). A delicate balance, but managed. Adaptation. Tiptoe that very fine line of over-reaching. Sleep hasn’t been much of an issue as this crazy way of daylight-savings leaves us now at 7:30am sunrises, and 7pm sunsets. It sucks really. But my SAD hasn’t been much of an issue. I tweet a few times each week so much that I decided to nickname myself Homeboy Yo for this final race. I look forward to seeing many a friend and family at the expo – the Polar gang, and a visit to Amy’s Bread! and along the course especially the hometown in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Bring it.

Luckily I have a great staff at work and its always fun to interact and help customers, especially now with the fall marathons in full swing, and the big season ending half marathons. Big shout out props to Amy Shemansky for completing her first marathon at Chicago in 4:27! Along with her coaches, Susi and Jeri, they all paced together and finished in the same time. Her husband Paul rolled through in a 3:18 so it was a great season end-er for them all. I am glad to have them part of the CRC family, in fact, glad to have many as our CRC family. Lots to be thankful for and this is entering my favorite part of the year, so I am channeling all of my inner strength as I take my Pop’s memory into this final race of 2012. It will be an emotional homecoming, and I welcome the pressure, but tapping into the power of it all spiritually keeps me at it leading up to race day. An inner calm, with a sizzling innervation brewing. The MentalIpod playlist is solid, and a good bunch has been added to the training music allowing for some serious focus. But its the feel. Its there. Its just about time to unleash.

I don’t have anything as of yet on the schedule, other than maybe a joint run with Chariots of Freedom on October 20th for the Hopebuilders 5K, where I may push a challenged athlete. Otherwise, it’s a few more weeks of training before a nice season ending taper. I will bundle it all up and unwrap it just in time to open the holiday season. Yo.

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