HOMEBOY YO (with Edit at End)

Here we go! The past 2 weeks have been a lesson in patience, prayer, faithful confidence, and a little fear thrown into the emotional and physical twist we call the taper. There have been long weeks at work where I have now resorted to wearing the compression socks on a daily basis as I work even on off days. The intensity of my training has remained high, but have begun to cut the volume and now in this final week, cut even more and absorb the entire year’s worth. The daylight gets less, and now it starts to get cooler. A bad kicker of a storm brews in the NYC city area where it has shut down which looks like for a few days. Don’t know yet if it will impact our flight and the race itself, but Gina’s relatives seem to have locked up their houses and are secure from what we know. Friends I know were told to evacuate, but most haven’t yet.

As the holiday season looms, and Target already posts Christmas commercials, bypassing Thanksgiving for unknown reasons, together with the end of my racing season, all leads to reflective and prayerful time for myself. I love to observe, and the past few weeks have brought to my attention things I see that need to be worked on and changed going into the “off-season”. From those known as regular acquaintances, to the casual encounter, right down to those close to me, not that it becomes a psychological game but not revealing things (and personally concealing things) and seeing reactions of people to what goes on around us, really allows for a perspective into my world. I can best capitalize on figuring it out through training of course, but now in a taper, with my available “quiet/couch” time, can analyze it for the better. For what it truly is and how I need to react to it all. Take 3 deep breaths. Proceed. Game on.

Nothing beats being able to be comfortable under your own skin. This past year is coming to a close with a warm welcome for me. I feel the need to bring it closure. I have several tasks to jump into with both feet and look forward to it in November and December. Things will change. Well, as being me, will.

BUT – I know these mental/spiritual/emotional inner nerves are calmed by coming back into the present time. They will serve well for the marathon and I rely on them. Going through hometown of Greenpoint will certainly be strong with Pops in mind. I have trained well and hard. This year has been another great one and I will recap it in my final journals after this race, but big thanks as usual to all those involved with their time, services, and product support – Polar, H2Overdrive, AAA Carolinas, 110%, MetRx, PacificHealth Labs, BioFreeze, Aquaphor, MetroFitness, my crew at Charlotte Running Co., and most recently Sports Massage Inc.. Lets not forget the almost daily runs to Dunkin Donuts especially this month with their pumpkin line-ups!

Most importantly, my rock and Ironsherpa – Gina. Together we continue to cherish each and everyday, enjoy the quiet Sundays with Holmes just chillin, and recap each day’s turmoils and joys over a nice dinner = A-O-V.

The pre-packing has begun, we are watching the weather (Jim Cantore is the man) and we await the weekend. Lets get this done.

Here we go Homeboy Yo – #1191, Blue Corral Number 1 – start time 9;40am on Sunday, Nov. 4th



I am refraining from disclosing my sincere feelings about the whole Sandy Storm ordeal and subsequent marathon cancellation issues. What I will say is blunt, but will gladly share in personal conversation. Both Gina and I were distraught with what we saw as the storm hit, and its aftermath. Even though Bloomberg said the race was on, we were never comfortable with the information coming from NYRRC directly regarding just HOW they were going to adjust for the disaster. By Wednesday night of race week, we made the tough emotional decision to cancel our trip. LGA was still flooded, blackouts were still in downtown, and traffic was a mess. Reports from family and friends gave us a better idea of what we were seeing on the news. It wasn’t right. I made peace with my decision quickly by looking at the positives: I am in great shape. I can now rest a little with an “off-season”, and resume without the usual build up of a base. I can race a few events locally just to let “rip”, but simply focus on play (and my RC3 from Polar).

Most important – I can help in any way I can with our crew in NYC. We are sending CARE packages to family and I am getting info from TEAMMC friends on their status as they get power/electricity/Internet back. Big thanks to Dave Whitman from my run group with the Lance/Snyders donation. I may start a small drive at the store in the next few days. But on the flip side, I can’t imagine the displeasure of those that actually STILL WENT thinking there was a race, only to be told it was cancelled. Its a very slippery discussion which I refuse to go into detail further in this post. My overall intent for training for this race was for my Dad, and looking back at the year I had, well, each race was for him – and moving forward, each will still have his memory with me.

I will present a final journal by Thanksgiving as usual with the beginnings of Advent and season’s end. Thanks everyone!


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