As I begin to enter an annual period of transition, it’s best to use the time to slow down a bit and reflect on the plus, the minus, the chances to add/remove things both within and around, and in bike speak a classic “overhaul”. The cooler weather is here, the holiday season upon us, or nowadays forced upon us before we want to, and I love to be able to just “play” and rebuild.
The cancelled race in NY might have put a damper on the final race of the year and the 10 solid weeks I put into training, but the emotional connection tied to it – being able to race in the old hood for my Pops, just can’t be duplicated by doing another race cause I am in “race shape”. It provides actually a nice recipe for me going into 2013 and being able to begin in solid shape already. I intend to analyze more, add new equipment, and start testing once Advent begins, and in the past few weeks I have been tending to certain things, beginning the emotional/physical/spiritual dissection leading into the holiday season and laying new stone.

We all can be thankful of many things. For me it is always people that I have known, and currently know, to which I give thanks (and waking up each morning). Sure having “things” is a blessing, but with a self-actualized view comes many benefits when looking at your life at year’s end. Needs get met before wants. You take the bad with the good, deal with the in-between. Love many but trust a few as the Quote Book says. I have those. I have my rock. Real Simple. Happy to be thankful. Thankful to be happy.

I had another great season of┬áraces this year. As I look at the age of 40 come April, dare I say I am now a “Master’s” athlete? I will outline my goals in a journal post before Christmas and I got a few up the sleeve. I look forward to it with vigor.

Now, heck it’s Turkey Time. the CRC Big Turkey will race again at Charlotte Running Co.’s annual Turkey Trot (www.charlotteturkeytrot.com). The Ironsherpa modified his suit, and he’s ready to gobble up come race day. To all who will be celebrating doing a race and spending time with family, friends, etc, remember WHO you spend that time with, WHO you think about that day. Be ever THANKFUL for them, as such, they of YOU.


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