So I came away from Thanksgiving without getting sick which was a major plus for me. Traditionally, this is the time I come down with a major cold that often knocks me out. The days leading up to CRC’s Turkey Trot were busy, but with some advance planning, manageable. My main concern was G, who had cervical surgery the week before Thanksgiving. It was planned a few months ago for her to have a fusion via bone graft of her C6-7 to eliminate a herniated disc that was aggravating her right side. She was under great watch and care through OrthoCarolina and for her, this was a real test of her emotions.

The procedure  is considered outpatient surgery, and we were only in the hospital for 7 hrs tops that day. I was happy she came through ok, but as she laid in recovery, knew she was going to need vigilant care and observation the whole weekend. We weren’t armed with any post-op protocol, so we had to use our experience in rehab and common sense once we left the hospital. She could talk some, but was extremely weak and tired. Once we got home, she was on the couch and I basically just plaid nurse for the weekend. Screw everything else. We had great  help in then form of home cooked meals, 3 to be precise, and big ones thanks to Haylee, Kim, and Michelle. I mean, yo, Chicken Pot Pie, Meatballs and Mani-got, and a bow-tie pasta with chicken sausage. we didn’t cook all week!!!
The whole weekend into Monday was just making sure she was ok. By Tuesday, I went back to work the store, but she was walking around, getting ansy, and doing ROM exercises, all until she needed to rest. She is Iron-Sherpa.

We had a record 9100 people registered for the race. We got out there around 7:15am and helped a bit setting up. It was gorgeous weather. The whole week was actually. We got to see many friends getting ready and it’s just one big grand ol good time. Once again, I dressed up as CRC Big Turkey. Beat me and get a free pair of DeFeet socks. It’s all good fun, and there are many others dressed up in holiday costumes as well. I got to line up right in front.
Be thankful. Big kiss to G. On the line. 3 deep breaths. Gobble time!

Thanks to G’s modifications, the suit was flawless. No issues and once we passed mile 2, the fastest guys were out in front, and it was just me and a few people just behind. One was Donny, owner of the south CRC store, and he beat me by seconds! I finished in 28:35, which was 23 overall, and 3rd in my age group! I ran 40 seconds faster than last year! From there, it was hugs with G, cheering finishers, running into other friends, taking tons of photos with people, then helping in any capacity for the race event crew.
G started to get tired, mind you she still didn’t have full use of her neck, and rested in the car. It was another 3 hrs once the race ended before I had finished helping and the last water jug was loaded onto the truck. It was like a full on weight training session cleaning up. I drove the truck back to the store, and hopped in the X with G back home and in the judo or before 1pm.

Oh and was it warm welcoming. G cooked the small turkey in a croc pot and it was smelling awesome!!!!! We unloaded, made some breakfast and just relaxed in the warm sun watching tv. Then the sneezing started. And then the aches. Here it comes. Immediately it was damage control – get comfortable, take vitamins, hydrate, hot tea vapor, and a nap on the man-chair watching football. Dinner was finally just the two of us – rare in years! We had to wait till the weekend though to finish off the bottles of sangria we accumulated.
It was such an exhausting day, we were in bed by 9pm.

I worked the weekend and fortunately, no sickness. Everything was fine. G had the extra few days off too to make big improvements. Yes, she even put in a full days work a mere 4 days after surgery!!! She went back to work the following Monday and we are slowly getting back to her walk routine. As far as I am concerned, that’s the best Christmas gift I needed. It’s a slow progression, but having back in form was the end goal and there wasn’t any complications. We actually and finally got to see a football game at BofA stadium thanks to Haylee. She had extra club level seats to the ACC Championship game, and ,honestly, wouldn’t see a game any other way. It was a fun experience, even if for just 3 quarters (on a Saturday night, after 12 hours of run group, store work, and dinner, we were shot by then). We longed for our usual Sunday Chill for 2 day.

Now it’s Advent. My favorite time of year. The holidays are in swing, the Xmas music is playing (or I try to have it playing), I am playing with my training to find new habits, testing nutrition (Lotus Biscoff for word), and evaluating everything around me. Get in there. Face time with the spirit. Spread some cheer. I am planning 2013, but with a pencil (or iPad notes) and will wait for Christmas to fully implement.

I am returning in flight from The Running Event in Austin, TX where I had the chance to learn, work, network, and yes, run with the owners of running specialty stores in the USA. A great product expo from all the major manufacturers was also on hand, plenty of lectures, and even an organized 5K. I have been here twice already, and I try to view it as a semi break from the store. Only downside is you are inside most of the time. Scott and Donny were here too and I thank Scott for inviting me. It is always a rush to be immersed in everything running retail for 3 days and I return charged for change with new ideas. From here, it’s back into the swing of things and some usual holiday parties, work will get busy, and just be merry indeed. And stay in shape of course.

To all TEAMMC, thanks for a great year and have a happy, a very holy, and a very cherished Christmas season.

YouTube video last year here:
Tune in soon for the 2012 version!

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