Even though we are into¬†January it’s hard to feel it. The weather has been so mild that I am still waiting for that winter chill. It’s in the 60′s and almost 70 for the weekend! I ain’t complaining, but this also makes it ripe for people to get sick. And it’s happening. Ironsherpa recently has been fighting one off but that’s also because she had sick co-workers coming into work. Hand sanitizer galore. Wish it had some moisturizer in it too. But things have been on the move and the past few weeks have now been monitored. Gonna be a good 2013 and some good races scheduled. I have a list below of the given’s in the race calendar. I am utilizing the PPT website again from Polar and the slew of watches in my arsenal. Lots in the nutritional pipeline and equipment has been checked, cleaned, ordered. Thanks to the crew at IOS for the Black Widow overhaul and over at Bart’s for the Fat Boy fix. I am excited to get racing again as I haven’t done one since September. I will give credit to the NYRRC for allowing refunds to be issued from the NYC marathon cancellation. This will help pay for one of my triathlons. I am catching up on my reading too with some Kindle downloads. With some extra time, I have started looking into publishing my Book It on the Kindle too!

On this one year anniversary of my Pop’s death, I find the memories of not only him, but everything about that weekend last year still vivid in my head. I carry a heavy heart in the matter and still tap into it for motivation, and will continue to do so into this 2013 season. It’s been a strange power, one that has spheres of good and bad in it, and the conflict is what I can draw strength from. Sound weird? It really isn’t when you are deeply involved. That’s what I did over Advent. Harness it.

With that I plan to race in all my previous sponsored gear, and some new TEAMMC stuff in the works. Looking forward,

On tap: Feb 2nd: Charlotte UltraRun 50K

Feb. 23rd: Charlotte 10 miler (as the Karhu Bear!)

April 13: Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon (and 40th birthday)

June 30: Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 Triathlon

October 19: Greater Floridian Ironman


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