Someone please tell me why there is daylight savings time? Just as I was getting into the rhythm of a 6:30 am sunrise and a gradual extension of the day with a 6:30 pm sunset, in comes this stupid clock forwarding and now its a 7:30 am sunrise??? Plain bull.. and though I welcomed not having to wear reflective gear and lights on my bike commutes home, my morning SAD returned and remains at least for another few weeks to battle. Since the last race, I started implementing a solid 5 week plan to finish off the month of March with a great endurance phase. Everything is in place for the true racing season come April as it will then extend into the final main event  - an Ironman in October. I have a great core of brands behind me, including Polar, 110%, PocketFuel, H20 Overdrive, BioFreeze, AAA Carolinas, and a strict protocol of how I train, rest, and keep things fun. Of course the Ironsherpa is THE main weapon behind me and going into my 40th birthday come April13th, she’s got a few things up her sleeve I am hoping to see shortly.

It’s been a great Lenten season for me too. I have had ample time – outside of these long mental training sessions – to reflect, got to read a few Kindle books on relevant subjects, and the quiet time needed to “see” things clearer. I have opened a few doors into projects that I’d like to pursue “down the road” and will really walk into after I turn 40. Call it the true “mid-life” opportunity as oppose to an actual crisis for me. Nothing beats being able to interpret a keen observation and having the means and desire to do what you want. With the new Pope Francis (my confirmed name too!) being so humble never felt so commonplace. Simple – stripped down and basic – K.I.S.S. right? I think I like this dude.

Most times we are forced to predict the actions of others around us. Never more so today as I truly believe that though technology is making our lives easier, it is only making us dumber, lazier, and immune to anything around us “like the old days”. I do not one bit envy the young in this age. Rare is the parent/school teacher/coach we had that lent a strict hand and made us work for things we wanted to do. Call it cryptic, but I don’t expect to be around long, and maybe for the better, which is why I make sure each day is an additional blessing in some way – I already am self-actualized as outlined in my soon to be publish book here on this website. You never know, right?

With another week before Easter, and a joyous return to some warm sunshine into Spring (at least for some parts of the country), I take the months of winter and bundle them up like a big snowball ready to toss. Or maybe let melt in my hand to drink up.

Here is a brief schedule ahead-

April 13th – Charlotte Racefest Half Marathon

April 28th – Huntersville Sprint Tri

May 11th – Jetton Park Triathlon

June 1 – Charity Chase Half Marathon

June 30th – Texas Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 


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