Finally the time of year I can settle into. A 6am sunrise, a late sunset, warmer temps, sweating humidity, and a pool that is near non-wetsuit worthy. I am about 3 weeks into my prep for the Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 half Ironman and our friends the Wilson’s updated us that its already in the 90′s there. I have decided to just train up to that event as my work schedule has me on all but one of the Saturdays. Everything has been going smooth except for the fact that I am still not able to gain back the lbs I have lost. Even trying to maneuver a lower week hasn’t helped, but this past Friday was Gina’s birthday so that meant some good cake and tons of goods from Dave Whitman at Snyders-Lance. So there is a chance. I haven’t felt weak or tired as much as just watching that line of mental exhaustion. My Polar programs also give me a visual feedback loop for additional monitoring. Props also to Jessica Marriot for monthly checkups through her Sports Massage Therapy.
I think Gina and I are also looking forward to a trip. We need a bolt. She has been doing great in her training and it will soon be a matter of time before we select a 5K. She has put every bit of effort into each session and we both made sure to make time to silence everything and enjoy her birthday this whole weekend. I bought her some blood pudding which as a kid she loved but never could find it sold locally, but Tommy Maloney’s came through and she had some with her eggs this morning. It was a sight to see her enjoy it. Yes I tried some and it tastes like chicken sausage.  Gina’s done a great job with the garden as our tomatoes, basil, cilantro, and cantaloupe are blooming. I learned this weekend to drink the Moscato sangria’s slowly.
I have contacted Karhu about having the Bear for another run at the Firecracker 5K on July 3rd and got the ok from Meagan Neldo. Look out! I also have a few items working on my checklist, hoping to be good by Labor Day. For now, it’s been a Mastery of training, work, training with Gina, and tolerating getting up at 4:30am to walk Holmes. I am starting the Phil Jackson book 11 RINGS and at 300 pages on my Kindle yo will be a good while to digest.
I won a free entry from a contest at Team AAA Carolina’s, so I selected the Carolina Half Ironman at the end of September to serve as a final tuneup for the Greater Floridian Ironman. But I don’t think ahead of this month anymore. Just focus on. This next event which will be a big test. Mind your keep. Word.

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