I started my tapering for the Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 half ironman. It’s been a heck of a 5 week build up and I am slowly ready to drop the physical and shift to the mental this week. The heat and humidity have been welcoming as it allowed me to adjust to what looks like a repeat of my race in 2011 over there – 100 degrees. Looking at the latest weather reports and from some info by the Wilson’s themselves, expect another 100 degree day. In fact the 4 days we are there will be in the 95-105 range. Gina wasn’t with me in 2011, but this year I have her by my side as it actually will be the first time in over a year we took a trip away together.
We are both long due for getting away and look forward to just leaving Charlotte (and everything else) behind even if only for 4 days. It has been a good roller coaster of emotions as I balanced work, training, and the ancillary projects I was working on. The mind gets quieter. I get to sleep sounder. Start playing imagery. And as I pack, play out scenarios. Once on the plane – game on and the inner intensity gets hotter than the weather.

I also got a chance this past week to do a test run in the Karhu Bear. Thanks again to Chris Collins and Meagan Neldo at Karhu, I will once again run as the Karhu Bear in the Firecracker 5K presented by Start2Finish ( So on Thursday evening, I ran in 85 degree heat over the 4.5 mile hilly route to acclimate. Took about 37 minutes, but was a sweaty good easy test and note adjustments to the outfit, as I haven’t worn it since February. I wore my Polar monitor to gauge effort and add it to the stressors from that days long training. With the adamant voice of the Ironsherpa, hydrating and doing the proper recovery afterwards ensured Friday to be nice rebound. Have to admit, was good additional heat training for Lubbock.
So here we go. Time to rock. Bring some heat of your own. Lets represent yo.

Mad props to Melissa and crew at IOS for helping me ship the Black Widow to Texas. Thanks AAA Carolina’s, Polar, PocketFuel, H2Overdrive, 110%, and Article Spray for keeping me intact throughout the year (and Dunkin Donuts to some extent). And EG for looking after Holmes while we are away. A side shout out to Bill Shires at Charlotte Running Club for organizing the CRP Certification class this month too.

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