Even though the month of August has been nothing but good heat and massive humidity (dew points people, anything over 70), I was use to the daily sweat-fest after each training session, trying to stay hydrated at CRC for a full day, then recover well with a good dinner once I got home. Just get it done. Mastery. I started to struggle a bit with the later sunrise in the morning but now simply turn the lamp on once the alarm goes off. But even under the watchful eyes of Ironsherpa, my weight crept down to around 122-124lbs for a few weeks and now, I am looking forward to the final 3 weeks where I venture into some good hard efforts but start slowly dropping the amount of time I spend training each week. A true gradual year-end type taper. It helps too when Ironsherpa makes some serious good dinner on the weekend, tops it off with a few baked goods like pb chocolate cupcakes, and of course, a solid dose of sangria.

Gina’s sister’s came down for a weekend in the beginning of August and I haven’t seen them in 2 years. It was awesome fun of just good solid family time. Dining out (Maggiano’s rules) to making breakfast for them, some walks around the hood, and they got to enjoy a hot weekend with no rain, so dips in the pool were taken advantage of. Solid. Just some good internal motivation and loving talks. I also finally got an upgrade on my phone thanks to G’s insistance as we joined plans so that we have unlimited everything as we spend more of our calls/texts to each other. We got a great deal with her Verizon plan, so yes, for $1 I got an iphone4. Great staff as we went in there and out in less than 30 minutes. But overall we both are looking at ways to save, shift spending elsewhere, and most of all, control costs. We do very well at having “power” meetings where we discuss such things and we both agreed that come October, I should venture into those “things” with action. I have been coaching a few runners for their fall marathoners and look to expand on that once mid-September rolls around. I may have a chance to do some stuff for Polar come Fall which I am excited about too.

But first, I have a few more items to close out the year racing wise. I wasn’t expecting to do the Hood to Coast relay this year with the Big Kahunas, but Coach hooked up and is taking care of me cost-wise with a “sponsorship”. So with that, I now prepare to head out in my persona Hammer with Leg 9 in my view, and I go with added incentive to race hard since Coach is a sponsor. This will be the fourth consecutive year for me, doing Leg 5, 9,5, and now 9 again. These are rated 1-2 in difficulty and usually cover 19-21 miles worth of the race. I hold Big Kahunas records for both Legs, so I am gunning for my own records. HOWEVER, the key and overall challenge of HTC is handling your effort, recovering, and managing the whole team goal over the 24 hours you compete usually for me, never sleeping. In fact I go out there and know I won’t sleep a good 50 hours over the Friday-Saturday race period. I feel I have it down to a “science” as last year I did very well, but now it’s only 3 weeks until the World Championships 70.3 and staying healthy is a must! The main objective though out in Oregon is to make sure the Big Kahunas qualify again for HTC in 2014.

This will give me a good chance to focus on running for sure, but there is a small bike shop by the house the Kahunas rent and I plan to rent a bike to get some rides in the day before and the day after the event. I will have the Polar, Pocketfuel, Aquaphor, GU, Monster, H2Ohydrate, Metrx, all the ”tools” with me in effect. And the leg soak in the Pacific Ocean once its all done. From HTC, of which a journal will be posted for, it is then only 10 days before Ironsherpa and I head out to Vegas for the WC70.3. Weather reports still have it at 100 degrees out there! But this is the final prime race! I plan to have a serious game face for that one – internally – as it will cap my 2013 season. Personally, I am looking forward to having a grand time with Ironsherpa, simply too. Just the 2 of us. It is a challenge to get the head on straight and now keep it focsed on these next weeks. Once I board the plane for Oregon on Wednesday night, I will have the 6 hour direct flight to really dial in. The transformation will set itself then. No BS. Yo.


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