Nothing like being in the airport after a long day of training, waiting for a 6pm flight heading BACK in time to the west coast, and actually enjoying it simply because of all the people watching you can do. I got dropped off by EG around 3:30, was cleared and at the gate by 3:45 and sat down at a table in a Bojangles place drinking an iced coffee and a Bonk Breaker bar when dude next to me offers his fries and extra biscuit cause he stuffed himself with fried chicken. Says he is from Arizona and they don’t have chicken like that out there. No joke, guy missed his flight too!!
Awesome. The throngs of travelers, families, wanderers, etc. love it. I back loaded my last big training week so I was way tired and still underweight so the chance to just run in the Hood to Coast without biking or swimming could help with a forced rest. Granted I know of a bike place where I may rent a bike for 2 days anyway, but it gives me a chance to run HARD and only run. Sleep deprivation too! In essence though, being a part of the Big Kahunas is a way to tap into some great teamwork. Family style too as Coach and Sandman orchestrate this event for 24 of us. A chance for some quiet time too.

It was a direct flight so for the next 5 hours I did plenty of magazine reading, took a 15 minute nap, reflected, and of course chat it up with the passenger next to me. He owned a bakery like Cake Boss style. The plane chased daylight as it only got dark by the time we landed. It was now only 9pm. I had 45 minutes before Jag and Badger landed so I was able to stretch, loosen up, and get hydrated. Once they landed and we got to the rental car (yes all logistics taken care of by head Kahunas), we still had the 80 mile drive to Seaside. It was good to catch up with the crew from DC but as we got close, it was tough to stay awake. We pulled in just before 1am. We each had a small peanut butter sandwich and crashed. I took my usual futon and cuddled up for a deep sleep. It was crisp and comfortable outside and with the window open, the sound of the ocean provided the perfect white noise.

Sunrise was at 6:30 and by 7:15, no matter how much I tried to sleep in, I got up. On west coast time already and dont feel to bad honestly. Coach and Sandman, and a few others who arrived early Wednesday were getting up. I took the moment to go for a nice long run, some strides, weight training, and get a body check. Status good. So nice and the cool air, low humidity, seaside scenery was awesome reflection and tone setting to race. The area hasn’t changed and I did a nice loop around the coast with some routes in town. Hammer mode on. Not everyone is here yet, so it was nice to brew some java, have some breakfast, and just relax a bit. I will walk later and rent a bike to take a nice spin, since the weather is warmest midday. I packed minimal, got all my tools for recovery, nutrition, and having this be my 4th year in a row, just do my part for the team.pBy late this afternoon, this place will be full of Kahunas and tonight’s team dinner is always festive. Then it’s early bedtime for a good sleep before what will begin a 50 hr nonstop weekend. Our start time is 6:45pm Friday. So I plan to yes get in a run tomorrow morning too. Run on Yo.

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