Daylight savings time ends! Always a beginning for me though. The clock falls back and though many enjoy the extra hour sleep, I enjoy the extra sunlight in the morning, and with it, the welcoming to another base period. The past month, I have enjoyed training at an “unattached” level, meaning no heart monitor, no plan, just whatever activity I wanted to do. Sleep in, do whatever, take notes, read, try new things, etc. etc. I didn’t even gain any weight as normal but then again those baked goods haven’t been abundant on my plate yet! I worked some crazy hours at Kai’s Kookies and got a feel for a few hours sleep on a daily basis, but learned and saw some serious dedication and work on behalf of owners Tracy and Patrick Watkins. I look forward to learning more about the bakery through them. I have improved on my Chef Homeboy skills with such experience. I am almost done with my book being published. Big props for his help, Brad Mintz, for getting it so far to a Kindle format. We are hoping for a year end release. I got to finish another book read called “Quitters” by Jon Acuff. Real good practical stuff. Good read. And I finally got to race a 5K at a Vineyard – this one at Round Peak in Mt. Airy, NC. It was part of a 4 race Vineyard series. I won overall, and didn’t win a prize! Why, well EVERYONE won!  Each runner got a bottle of wine with entry and all enjoyed a great spread hosted by the vineyard ( . Awesome fun as Gina and our crew enjoyed a long day together in the brisk cold 9and gladly finished the bottles over a weekend!)Below is a recap of my race results for 2013. Was good times, but now in the rear mirror, in the mental bank, ingrained neurologically in the MChine. Now it’s time to strap back on the Polar. Get the base building towards 2014. Start the experiments. Initial tests have my resting heart rate at 38, and a fitness test score of 65+. My weight is still at 126, but trust Gina’s working on that one. I am a brand ambassador for Wheaties (  through May, so I look forward to getting “muddy” with my cereal/chocolate soy milk each day. I have been focusing on certain areas to improve upon (both physical, mental, and spiritual) as this is what helps keep me motivated, inspired, and enthusiastic about moving forward. Advent is a great time to do this and approaches this year on December 1st. Gives me a pre-build of 4 weeks. Nice!  The holidays will approach, and with it, giving thanks for everything around me. Never “giving up” anything during that time instead preferring to “give back”.  Always a special time for me. Always a rewarding time for me. Always a win.
2013 Race Results:
Charlotte UltraRun 50K – 1st overall  
Huntersville Sprint – 2nd Age Group 
Racefest Half Marathon – 1st Masters / 4th Overall
Jetton Park Triathlon – 8th Overall / 2nd Masters
Buffalo Springs Lake 70.3 – 4th Age Group – World Championship Qualifier
Tomahawk Triathlon – 5th Overall / 1st Masters
World Championships 70.3 – 100th Age Group 
Carolina Half Ironman – 13th overall / 1st Masters
Vineyard 5K – 1st overall


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