With a good solid 4 weeks now in the base, here comes the “changed” season! Yes, the holidays are in full swing – however be dampened by the over-commercialization of it – careful, reflective observation of all around you is paramount this month. For years I have been able to use this time to dig deep within and “see” what can’t be seen. I try to “feel” what can’t be felt. The darker days are now a warmth for me. Seek light where there is none. No shadows to have follow. As my favorite motivational video states - ”Welcome to the Grind”.

No, no, no – please don’t mistake this to sound like being a Scrooge. Totally the reverse! I LOVE this time of year regardless. I’d start playing the holiday music NOW if I was allowed too. Hark, I am the one to implement this darker side for ME. It’s the challenge. I make a big time effort to extend Thanks to all who are around me, extend an extra hand when needed or called upon, it’s time to just GIVE instead of “GIVING UP” stuff that many opt to do. The next 4 weeks I will once again do just that. Staying warm is a non-issue with the right gear. Monitor all aspects inside and out. Plan. This is the time to nail it down. Once Advent is over and Christmas is here, the 2014 race schedule should be set and released then.

And that’s what I have been up to the past month. Ever year the same breakdown and build-up. Get a new puzzle. Sir Mix-a-Lot workouts. Get some reading done. Go to bed early. Go to bed late. Get up early. Get up late. Bake and make shakes.

One step back, two forward. Pray.

I recently had my yearly physical thanks to a referral by Melissa Bell at IOS to a Dr. Keith Anderson at Novant. Guy specializes in dealing with punk athletes like me and knows the drills we put ourselves through. Got the vitals down and at the age of 40, seems solid to me – 126lbs (trust the 5lb gain will be mandated by Ironsherpa), 24 inch waist, BMI of 20, resting heart rate at 32, BP at 90/60 (even busted that automated machine – had to take it old school). Blood work to come in soon, but he found nothing noticeable – well, for now. But it’s always a good idea to get “checked out”.  With this knowledge in hand – can proceed forward.

With tremendous help and guidance from Brad Mintz, the MC book will be available on Kindle version with a hopeful Christmas release date. Stay tuned for this info. My team Wheaties crew W.E.T. (WeEatThese) got their gear and will be out there at local events as participants or as volunteers. A few have already incorporated the cereal to their diets and even in a few cookie and loaf bread recipes. Wheaties will be a major part of the plan for 2014. I like to mush it in some soymilk and even hot java. Seriously. Most updates and photos are done on my Twitter feed – @teammc1

I plan to have a new gig by year end as well. I have been part-time at CRC and have been using the extra time to apply for other positions. I am still doing my run group (it’s annual bake-off to occur next week!) and coaching on the side, while being available to the seasonal side jobs that pop up during this time of year. Gina and I will enjoy spending the holidays “open” where it’s just unplanned activities that we opt to say “yes” to. Yes, if there is one thing I would ask all to do is just BE happy this season. Do you really have to shop ON Thanksgiving day?? Cherish time with family and friends. Try to slow down time as much as you can when in the company of such. Trust, having lost mine, honor thy Mom and Dad when you can. Try to be the light if not for your own brighter view, than to also allow others to see their paths.

Word, yo.


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