This journal is short but mainly to introduce the MC Book is now available after 4 years in the build. Big time thanks to Brad Mintz for helping me in proofreads, networking, and assistance with the Kindle formatting. Proceeds from the book will go into a fund for my usual donations to organizations affiliated with TeamMC and to the racing bank for 2014. The team around me – past and present – really has been, and continues to be, my inspiration – strengthening my faith, body, mind, and being. I thank you all.

During my annual early morning New Year’s Day long run – in which I get to really hear my “voices” amidst the quiet of all where I run – and also to┬áremember my Mom’s death, now 35 years ago (and my Dad’s approaching on 1/11), I figured what the heck, let’s release the book┬áNOW.


Congratulations, your book “BOOK IT!” is live in the Kindle Store and it is available* for readers to purchase here. If you have republished your book, your changes are now live.

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