The past 3 weeks have been HUGE. I started to increase the volume and mixed intensity in preparation for my final Ironman – HITS Ironman in Ocala, Florida on March 29th ( ) With the base that I have built over Advent, the cancellation of the UltraRun 50K, and the time to train available (as I have been off the schedule at Charlotte Running Company thus, to look for other employment) all have been factors in deciding to get this one last biggie completed. I have averaged some 25 hours of cumulative training the past month and with the Polar PPT (and looking forward to the new V800!), been cautious in threading that fine line of overreaching. Zone 1 weekends have been welcoming, and I get to utilize my 110% compression, Icy Feet, new PocketFuel Java gels, eat my Wheaties every morning, get treatment from Jessica at Sports Massage Therapy, and Gina has made some seriously great dinner routines for us both. Solid teamwork.
I have been on a few interviews and continue to churn out interest in different job avenues, but nothing finalized. I just feel I needed to be in a new setting, new challenge, but one I was comfortable in keeping for the long run (pun intended). I have been able to work on training programs for a few people, publish my book, volunteer in some events like Thom from MetroFitness and his annual Bike Collection, and play house hubby to Gina. Fixed up my resume too.
The sudden blast of cold weather has it finally feeling like winter here, but if you got the gear, there’s no fear. No joke, I got Sugoi and gore gear from 5 years ago, mittens too and they just keep earning their worth in their cost. But adjusting is key. Change if necessary due to weather. Old school journal keeping have made me a keen forecaster based on the forecast. Directional runs due to wind speeds. Got it. Timing of rain. Check. Below freezing? I know what to wear. Sure if you are indoors some of it can be mind numbing, but for an Ironman, sometimes you need that.
One thing I have become comfortable with is KNOWING who I am and what it is I need to do. There is a section in my book where I cover this; where in certain situations that sometimes, you move on and lose those friendships you make, in order to create new ones and expand on the life set forth before you. Gina and I have had good discussions about this and feel it is a integral part of our marriage in that we CAN discuss it, openly and subjectively. Lovingly. Serious advantage.
I plan to start racing in February, possibly the Charlotte 10 miler, and even was asked again to pace the 3:30 marathon group at the Tobacco Road event in mid March. But all focus right now will be the Ocala Ironman. This should be a quick upcoming 60 days but once completed, should fulfill what I hope to pour out over the remaining months of 2014.

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