Nothing like a good NE style snowstorm to hit the SE! The past few days CLT has been blanketed with one heck of a storm. Weather forecasters got this one on the ball, but how the city, and to a broader extent, how most people here reacted was interesting enough to deduce that at least in the SE, folks probably DON’T want to bother with this kind of weather. With the right battle plan, I had no disruptions in my plans, with Gina’s help, we were well prepared for the city closure/brief power outage, and unbearable walking conditions outside. But shoveling snow is a great workout, even if it’s a few times a year! Gina has gotten her hand in the Twitter game and used it a few times already to comment on the CATS system during the bad weather, as she commutes by train/bus to work. Was “reimbursed” with a free 10 day bus pass when she and fellow commuters were stranded at the 43 bus line not running to Ballantyne. I tried to donate blood at the Community Blood Bank of Carolinas, but was deferred 2x already due to a low heart rate (of which multiple blood pressure machines were thought to be broken as a result).
February has been interesting on other personal matters. I spent a few days in Houston being recruited the past few months by phone/email by my fellow Big Kahuna, Gasman. It was only 1.5 days, but  was in depth and a visual trip to confirm many conversations I have had with him starting in November. He owns a fully incorporated Wellness Center and needs someone to operate/manage the fitness end of the business. Though I have applied to numerous job openings here in CLT, and even a few interviews, I have not been able to secure anything beyond that. A little frustrating – actually a good deal frustrating, but I have accepted “it is what it is” and stayed busy by continuing to coach a bit, train a lot for the upcoming HITS Ocala Ironman, and keep busy around the apartment as a house hubby. I just didn’t also want to accept a temporary part-time position just for the heck of it too. Based on these factors, and most importantly, after several meetings with Gina to discuss options,  I took the opportunity to pursue this offer from Gasman.
Gina and I used the snowstorm shutdown to talk in depth about the full report from my visit, including Gasman’s offer and decided that I should at least give it a go. It’s a great offer. Plus, thanks to Gasman’s understanding of our issues/concerns, has allowed me to work on a contract basis to start. I will be working in Houston for 3 weeks a month, returning to CLT for a week break. I will do this for a few months until WE have decided to accept his full time offer, which is already on the table. What has made this opportunity more enticing is that it was a PACKAGE DEAL too – Gina would be able to work in the medical practice side of the business, an opening he would like to fill too, and one he sees Gina as a great fit for placement. Lots to think about for us – another move? – but what’s great is that there is no rush or urgency. We can plan this out right, and on our timeframe.  Gina will also make a recruiting visit herself come spring, but that’s still based on how I react to the initial work period.
So that is what I will be doing for March. I will return for the week we depart for the race in Florida. I will compete, we will enjoy a vacation not had since Vegas in September, then a week after we return, I will go back to Houston to pursue 100% into this job come April and May with the mind set of confirming a decision by the summer. Stay tuned for more details come at the end of February.

A hefty shout out of course to my sponsors for keeping me upright and nourished throughout 2014: Wheaties, PocketFuel, Polar, Aquaphor, Jessica at Sports Massage Therapy, and Melissa with the crew at InsideOut Sports.

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