I sit on a Southwest flight heading to Houston again. This time, it’s for a 3 week contract position at Gasman’s Campbell Wellness Center (www.campbell-wellness-center.com) I plan to use this time to start learning the ropes of the job offered, getting to know Houston living, and start a small, but needed taper for the ironman race at the end of the month. It’s a great chance to work along side professionals in the wellness field on a common business goal. Thanks to the generosity of Gasman, I am staying free room/board with his family during this time. I intend to work hard, get a routine of what life would be like here, and report back to Gina. It’s been and will be a crazy month, so time/stress management is paramount.
Gina and I planned a successful quick weekend trip to NY to surprise her Dad for his birthday. He is now 93, and with her sister dynamic duo of Susie and Christina, we walked in on his dinner out at Bella Via (www.bellavialic.com) and made the night memorable, priceless, and a loving reminder of family comfort. I reminisced as well since this place was a favorite joint of my Dad too. Great Italian cooking! Granted we were so fortunate to have no glitches – despite our JetBlue flight getting us into NY at 2am, a few hours sleep, a nice breakfast with the Bushmans, then a traffic riddle drive to/from LIC, a few glasses of much needed sangria, a few hours sleep, then a plane ride home that Sunday, the 2.5 hours we spent at dinner were worth it. (We did crash for a 2 .5 hour nap when we got home). The sheer joy on her parents face, her brother and kids, and the whole 15 party was priceless. The day was one of the warmest that month and made it even more special to just be out. Loved it. Cherished it.
Got to TRY and donate blood at the CBCC but was deferred due to low heart rate and low blood pressure readings. Their limit is 45 and I topped out at 38 both times, even at 3pm and having trained that morning. Oh well, but got a free movie ticket for my time anyway – still if you CAN donate, please do.
Now we planned this trip out west, in addition to securing our plans for the Florida Race on March 29th. All systems set as I only have 4 full days back in CLT the fore we head out again! and big time thanks to Melissa, James, and the crew at IndiseOut Sports for transporting the Black Widow 2 everywhere. That week back will be all about regrouping (serious QT with Gina), getting a final check from Jessica at SportsMassage Therapy, serious taper, and getting my mind squared away, not knowing what shape that will be in. We can do this. Eat your Wheaties!
In all honestly, that’s what I am here in Houston to do – work, test, feel, scan, note, and have fun as this is a great opportunity possibility for BOTH of us, and one we very well are looking into for the future. The last night we spent together was all about confirming that – be in the present, mold the future.
Here during Lent, it will allow me great time to reflect on this. Humming through the TeamMC calendar, Easter falls into place nicely here in 2014, starting with Ash Wednesday this week. Using all that time in the Advent/Christmas season to prep and being the year to now using the learned phases of the job search, just getting by on the minimum, training, no racing, has culminated on using the next 3 weeks to being Lent and all the “giving” to the Big G. I reflected on that at Church the other day- just some quiet time to feel,pray, and listen. It has strengthened my mission and feel blessed that it begins now. A Lenten retreat in disguise perhaps?
Part 2 will be on the flight home!

Side tidbits – Red guitar sangria – NICE!
Southwest has first TWO bags checked free! Yet people still jam big cases on board with them! C’mon man! And their unassigned seating is a classic twist. Still got an isle seat.
Thanks again to all sponsors keeping things real for TeamMC – Wheaties, Polar, Pickybars, PocketFuel, 110% Compression gear, and Al at Hoka One One for the race shoes!!
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