This updated journal may be a short one, and probably because the last one was a keeper. I have slowly used this time to ease back into things. Recovered. On all fronts and behinds.

A beloved Easter season has welcomed a return to training, but a year older with a birthday celebration on April 13th. I was able to enjoy 2 weeks of unstructured “work” and simply BE. I wanted to make sure every emotion, every micro-tear within, every brain cell was recovered enough to resume training and in all matters – life. I feel the change that has occurred and I like it. I used the past 2 weeks to get things moving again and in the new direction. I see things clearly. I feel things with more care. I get an updated post each day now not only from Real Simple (great Quotes for the Day), but from Jon Acuff – a great writer of several books, one I read of which was “Quitters”. It’ been helpful in my search for full-time employment, and there has been good progress. Bitter me sweetly. The remainder of the year, as we approach almost the half-way point, brings new challenges that I am anxious to develop, I just have to be patient with them. The nets have been casted. Let it come, let it be.

Gina and I have a solid approach to things now, and we are going to stick to it. That Lenten journey was a big punch and my chin has healed. Clarity. Mastery. Play the game.

She has been making great progress herself in her training, and we have a goal to attain this summer. We are working on some projects here at the joint, and though we now find ourselves in bed before 9:30pm, we are up and ready to go before 5am. We had downsized our cable to regular TV, and come to realize there ain’t nothing worthwhile anyway on the tube (and don’t ask me why I can watch Chicago Cubs baseball games). It s just a daily reminder of how screwed the world around us is in, how ever so slowly we share the space with other who probably just don’t give a “blank”. I’m cool with that, just more people to tag as avoidant, but YO, you younger generation may be best served with a dose of REAL reality television.

Read more. Be quiet. (and having ESPN radio app is SO CLUTCH). Play chess. Trust Company.

I will do some testing in training and then plan a few more events, but nothing can be etched in the schedule. No need to now. Just play. And show up when ready.


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