There are several things I am at peace with. One is my mortality, but that’s not for discussion here (read BOOK IT! for that if you want more), but this summer I have been able to totally disconnect and be free with breaking down, molding, and developing a re-formed MChine. I am now in what would be classified as the Sculpt phase and I like the results from all tests. Even got an OK from my annual physical/blood results by Dr. Keith Anderson at Novant.  I analyzed my form, digitized it, applied it, adjusted it, and repeated it. Then again. Nail it down Yo.  Be as efficient as possible. Recover. Recover well. And throw a wrench in on occasion to test the Metal.  All good. Oh yes, I plan to race soon, but there is no rush. I have better “fish to fry” beyond the race course, but in time, yes, soon. I am in great shape. Mentally razor sharp. Just staying in control of operations. (and the Mental Ipod is jacked, now with Skillet’s new album out).

On the sponsorship side,  I am happy to be a part of CARB-BOOM Gels ( for the remainder of the year. I love their fruit gels, especially the jacked up Vanilla Orange. In the meantime….

I have been enjoying assisting Gina with her preparations, one of them being the OrthoCarolina Classic 5K, which she was running in with her co-worker Christy Hamlett. Christy – who was part of my WHEATIES team – was attempting her first ever 5K and together with Gina, they have been walking during their lunch hours when possible, and even run/walking a few miles after work. They did their workouts and were aiming for a time of 40-45 minutes. On race day, up early and Gina got all her preparations in. We arrived early, met Christy, and had plenty of time to get them all set. I was doing the 10K, pacing TEAMMC athlete Ashley Widis as she prepares for the NYC Marathon. That started 15 minutes after the 5K, so I got to be on the line with them and get them all ready. Good crowd. But it was 75degrees/90% humidity so sticky, sticky, warm. I like this kind of weather, but you can tell the concern on the 10K runners. So with Gina’s Polar RS300 locked on interval targets, they were off!!
Ashley and I caught up on stuff as we haven’t run together all summer. She is doing well adjusting to her new Mom Status and has been able to get a schedule she can juggle. She has a tough time in this weather. It’s a tough course to boot and though we ran our first few miles at 9:00ish pace, faster than her time last year, the last 2 miles of hills got her but she’s tough and with a strong push (and the sight of Chic/baby Cooper) she eked out a just sub-60 minute race! Gina and Christy cheered us in and they did their 5K in 41:10!!! They were stoaked – Christy was sooo much so – I just was so proud of them both. They both hydrated with a complimentary NoDa beer. It was a nice post race festivity happening in the OrthoCarolina parking lot and many many sweaty smiley faces tell the countless stories that are refreshing to see and witness. Even on the race course, the perspectives I gain from observing such efforts translates well into my own training. Serious. Ball no lie.
I was working the Walk and Run Belmont store all this week so I had to transition quick to head out there. Gina got in a nice swim to soothe things out and when the day was finally over, we both slept well by 9pm. A nice bike/swim this morning with her is our usually Sunday startup, but with an overcast cool day ahead, no rush here. Gina felt a bit sore today, but her recovery has improved from such efforts as she is diligent with taking care of those aches. Chef Homeboy helps too. I am sure her and Christy will have at a few more 5Ks going forward! BOOM!
With school starting for everyone, it should be interesting how the area “gets back to normal” after the summer doldrums of vacations the past few weeks. It’s still hot and muggy, but yo, it’s the south so deal with it. Sweat yourself. That’s a good thing.

Create your own Mash-Up. I’m about to “play” mine.

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