Just when it seemed like summer would extend beyond the actual end on the calendar – the cooler air and lower dew points are a welcome to many here. I could care less – heck I’ve been the only one swimming in the outdoor pool here in my wetsuit. Like 6x a week too cause I know I have only a week left before it closes till next May (yes, I don’t swim at all during this time)! If it is one thing I despise is that sunrise is now after 7am, and soon 7:30am by the time Daylight Savings comes around in November. By supplementing with Vitamin D3 and already getting into the habit of 4:30am wakeups, it isn’t an issue so far. All things considered, I am simply maintaining my fitness and will do so throughout the rest of 2014 focusing more on 2015 than planning on a particular season ending race. Gina and I did get to volunteer at a Gaston County YMCA kids triathlon in Belmont, manning the transition zone, and it was just pure fun. Helping these kids do their race in such a setting was just the touch to pay it forward. Highly recommended to volunteer at a race whenever possible. In training moving forward with plenty of experimentation, but I will take the customary 1-2 week breakdown come holiday time, but for now, the situations just don’t click with anything I may be able to race in. And I’m good with that.

To say that this year has been an eye opener is unfair. It’s been a full body, mind, soul opener. Powerful in knowing and recognizing just what it is that goes on. Both Gina and I have had a great summer and we will continue on our roll – on our terms. Saying “no” has been easier for us. I have begun to slowly “tune out” and “unplug” a bit. I just check the same websites that I rely on for the information I need to know or keep up with. The amount of JUNK out there, hypocrisy, just a waste. I just don’t care anymore if I don’t keep up with most things that I don’t simply rely on to give me the information I need.  I am enjoying reading more (Kindle Me), respecting the quiet time, while still going through the occasional “crazy day”. I don’t care to always carry my phone, check the computer, text so and so, whatever that entails looking at a screen. Just going to focus more on the job at hand. So forgive me ahead of time, though no need to apologize really, if I seem distant. Trust that there is a reason.

There is always plenty to learn, if you are willing to fail (fall down) once in a while in your attempt to do so. Sometimes you take a big leap of faith – if you have some – and accept what and where you land. As long as you continue to get up and move forward, it’s good. It’s life. What you make of it. Reason with it. Be at peace with it. The holiday season will be here before we know it. Don’t loose sight of what your proud of. Keep close what matters most . And never really fall down.

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