S.A.D. to D.A.S

Ok, so I realized the best time to end the season is the first week of October as the whole S.A.D syndrome creeps in with this sunrise at 7:15+ crap. When you can do about 2 hours of training before the sun even rises, and then the sun starts to set around 12 hours later, it gets comfy in the facts that the body knows a new season “dawns” and welcomes a rest period from a years’ worth of training/racing. It sets the tone for the reflection that I crave not for pumpkin flavored stuff, but the transition to the holiday seasons and the joys that come with giving back. Advent then progresses and the cycle renews itself for 2015. It’s time. Time to restructure, play, test, have some fun with it all. A break. True break. Shed another part of the self. Embrace the darkness.

Things were slightly grim as Gina’s Mom passed away and brought with it an end for her to a tough battle and fight with cancer. We flew up to NY for the weekend, where we renewed our energy from the family gatherings and the love within the group that celebrated Gina’s Mom, but also each other. Though the weather was dreary, cool, and with rain, there was a warm, bright inner shine that I came away with observing all that weekend – especially Gina and her 93 year old Dad. True friends and family.

We returned and tried to get back into the swing of things here exhausted from the whirlwind trip. A few fortunate events helped cheer things up as we won a pair of tickets to the Panther vs. Saints game from the Carolinas Community Blood Center. They had a raffle a few weeks ago to all who donated blood the month of September. I entered after my 3rd donation this year and got the surprise news just before we went to NY. Awesome. Should be fun as we have never been to an NFL game before. And well, just another incentive to let everyone know – donate blood when you can!!

We celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary today! To think about the 10 years we grew together to get to THAT point! The trips, the miles, the states, countries, planes, trains, buses, etc. We’ve been around the world together. Grew as friends, lovers, and continue that relationship going strong as husband/wife. Together. This past year has been yet another nurturing adventure, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t have much – never have – but we have what we need and enjoy the most of what it’s worth. To us, we’re priceless (and Holmes). We know clearer who our true friends and family are. We give, give some more. We get knocked down, but know it’s an opportunity to get up, brush “it” off. Move on. Been There, Done That.

As the season concludes and the holidays approach – check yourself. REALLY, check yourself.  Do Another Shred.

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