Feel the chill now? Oh that NW/NE wind blows in overnight, rain and bam! Welcome to Fall. Crisp air, the tone of holidays in stores, on people’s mind, and of course, the extended darkness. I take advantage of this time of year to both close a chapter and begin a new into the next year. Granted we “get an extra hour of daylight” but don’t kid yourself. No such thing as daylight savings. What I do get is to “fall back” a bit and reflect more. Seek, observe, and shine some light onto things moving “forward” which allow me to build my base.
It has been an interesting month since the last journal. The weather has been great, adjustments have been made, but each day a calming, comforting demeanor has shielded, or even contained my inner flame. I like how it has developed, to the point that with each new revelation of what was hidden around me now gets extinguished with the soft blow of my breath or the compression of two fingers without getting burned. Clarity. After a year like this, almost as delectable as devouring one of my sister-in-law’s brownies.
As in past years journals at this time of year, I use this time of holiday spirit to give back more – not that I already don’t – but I emphasize it more. It’s my nature. Lessons learned from the past. I envy the true family atmosphere, how little of that my exist in my own life now, but the memory of it is enough to not eliminate the thought in my actions. The challenge to find a warmth in the darkness is something I always look forward to, more so now, but I must admit, it gets easier each year. Why? Well, with age, comes wisdom. Experience brings confidence in the great, the good, the bad, the worst of times. You live, you learn, you live.

Gina and I were able to experience our first Panthers game thanks to a raffle won donating blood at the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas. (Highly recommend donating when possible, consider it your social duty – I’d rather do that since I can’t donate $). That was fun indeed. Being a sports BUSINESS fan, I soaked in all the game action not only ON the field but AROUND the field. For sure, this city loves its team.

So there are no concrete plans for the next 2 months as usual. Obligations may come up, and well, if sleep gets compromised, you just take advantage of it when you can. Work. Work some more. Train to build a base. Train to stay sane. Pray. More importantly, don’t resist the “fall back”, so long as it doesn’t try to force you to “fall down”.

Big thanks to main man Wayne at Polar (www.polarusa.com) for making sure Ashley Widis, whom I coach, got a warm NYC welcome at the expo before her marathon. First time she is racing in the big city, and one of my duties as coach was helping her navigateĀ all theĀ travel logistics. Also big props to the crew at Amy’s Bread (www.amysbread.com) for doing the same with a bakery tour for Melissa and Bob at IOS. She also is tackling the big city race.

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