As with tradition in the MC calendar, Advent is approaching and with that, time to get a little more inwardly focused on the tasks at hand leading up to the new year. The past month has been great in my “play” by using the Polar monitor less and waking up with no specific plan other than “ok, what workout do you want to do today?” The weather has gotten colder, a little frigid even, where I finally got to use my Sugoi/Gore/mitten firewall clothing. I got to apply for different brand ambassador sponsorships, start a new job, and settle on a few new programs/tools to use in my 2015 season. I will list that later but tis’ the season indeed as Thanksgiving rolls around and soon the holiday music plays on most radio stations (and I get to play it in the house!) My favorite time of the year has begun.

I made it a priority to seek the advice of James Haycraft over at InsideOutSports to check my bike position and he wanted me to change saddles to account for a more efficient pedal stroke. We soon will adjust the front end of the Black Widow 2 but the past few weeks have been great getting use to the Cobb saddle. I also did a full room clean/turnover and made sure to donate/toss anything that hasn’t been used or worn in the past few months. My runs have been good at a few times a week, a few short ones and a long one, with some runs with Gina in the mix as well. Form focused stuff. Smooth it out. Start organizing those flow chart programs. Even developed the “rosary run”. I love a simple walk too – if to reflect, breathe, and throw in some prayer. Swimming? Well even though October-May has been all UBE work, this winter Gina and I joined the YWCA nearby so she can get in the pool more and continue her progress swimming. So looks like I will actually be able to get into a pool and do actual swims this winter, along with some treadmill/spinning sessions if needed. Stay strong. Hit the weights. Gina’s been doing awesome maintaining the fitness she gained this summer and she continues to impress with her dedication and healthy cooking! Chef Homeboy learned some more culinary skillz too!  It’s always a warm and comforting feeling each and every night our day ends and we can spend a recap moment together.  We have a simple, yet rewarding living all things considered. Yum Yum palace yo.

Though it’s been darker and days shorter, there hasn’t been much of a SAD effect on me yet. I think I got this year planned to avoid it, though an occasional “sleep-in” happens when required. Up early, bed early seems to be the mantra. I read a lot now, got wisdom by a few Kindle books, then, catch up on all emails/twitter stuff in the hour between dinner and bedtime. With my job and different schedules, some nights consist of a smoothie and cereal if I get home late. We cook when the early days happen, and on weekends when possible. Leftovers are thus eaten during the week. It works, keeps things simple, but we stay the course. We don’t have much, but know we are happy with the little we have. It’s been a tough year and I’ve had to change how I approach things, even how I approach others, but the lessons learned have made things a little clearer, and thus with Advent, I get the next 4 weeks to reflect on that. I’ve taken a few risks this year and grown from it, and this time of year solidifies the strength I gained inwardly, and welcome the next year with my high beams on. 

So as I solidify this inner renewed self, this week of Thanksgiving allows me pause to appreciate those who are a part of my life. Remember those who WERE a part of my life. The things I have, the things I wish, the things I NEED to BE and move forward.  I give, and it often means giving more than receiving. Heck, I’m cool with that. I’ve long realized that if I am graced enough to be able to use my talents, access, connections to assist others, so be it. I decrease. But nothing, and no one (well maybe one), can truly KNOW what runs the MChine. Read the book. Maybe you’ll get an idea. But this time of year, I bundle up my “gifts” accumulated during the year, and use ADVENT to sort/open them up, and use into the next year. It’s how I be, how I become – physically, mentally, spiritually. Be real. Keep it real.   

I personally would like to thank all who have been, and continue to be a support to TEAMMC – Polar, Wheaties, Aquaphor, InsideOut Sports, Jessica Marriott at Sports Massage Therapy, Run/Walk Belmont and new ones I will support as brand ambassador in 2015. This includes CARB-BOOM, QNT Sport, and VitaminShoppe, who collectively will help immensely in my nutritional arsenal. As always, their links are on the right of the main page website. I have yet to set a schedule to what races I will do in 2015 since I don’t like to do so until my base is set over the holidays and January welcomes the next year (and I can see what I can afford to enter).  For now – play, don’t get sick, be Thankful, and move towards the Christmas season.


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