Yes, the 3rd week in Advent bring with it a “rejoice!” as that anticipation for Christmas draws nearer. You know, that 12 days before yada yada, but also the chill in the air remains constant, the days get shorter, and the commercialism of the season gets hectic for most. Well we got the tree up and place decorated this past weekend (thanks to the huge effort by Gina as I had to work the entire weekend) and nothing felt more like the season when we sat down to dinner with the tree lit, xmas music on, no TV, and some wine. Social media/TV is overrated. Quality time with Gina and Holmes ho-ho-ho!

Personally I always gets fired up on Gaudete Sunday. I love this anticipation, mainly because I know my Advent season draws to a close and I can feel, see, and experience my transformation that was set forth before me a month ago. The new self takes over, ready to begin the next year. Humble, ready to serve, inwardly actualized. The everyday “distractions” around me, wither in the breeze, as I go about my day. What matters most to me, WHO matters most to me, stays my priority and focus. We all get to play Santa this time of year, but how many actually keep playing Santa DURING the year is anyone’s guess. Just as in Thanksgiving – we all hear about how fortunate we should realize we are, how thankful we should be for what we have (and what we don’t have), and tis’ the season to be joyous and merry. Do you anticipate GETTING a gift as much as you do GIVING one?

My gifts of the year have been all bundled up. They’ve been wrapped and cared for. They’ve been paid for with mere effort, emotions, and humility. These gifts are not meant to be opened again. The joy has been in remembering – as I wrapped them up in Advent - how they shaped and molded me to this moment. These gifts, as with each year, are not meant to be opened. My anticipation lies in what is ahead – in 2015 –  and how I can create new gifts with that which I owned in years past. I get to open these gifts during the year – ripe with it’s surprises, risks, rewards, and well, even suffering. I am ever so jolly with what I have endured and lovingly accept what it has helped develop into my-SELF. Gaudete yo.

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