Every new year brings the same old articles, commercials, advertisements, promotions, and related fitness trends to feast on a majority of people’s newfound effort to “start over”. Though it may be 90% of the same thing hashed up in some formula (or now ever #-tagged) there is that 10% that offers to actual teach something actually “new”.  Whether it be changing diet, changing your level of fitness, wellness, doing something different/better – all of it started a few weeks ago no?? Why? This stuff can start ANYTIME. Rare is the news feature that will offer something actually different and NEW to the whole deal. It can make for lousy reading over, but it’s seeking that newness that means you still have to read it. I always get to ring in the new year with a solitary, emotional day thinking about my Mom who passed on 1/1. Every year it’s how I start anew. I also get to do the same routine more than a week later to remember my Pops. Just how it goes and I actually embrace it. A nice simple reminder of how a life’s end helps one begin theirs again. A better version of a wake up call.
My Advent went well and for me, there is nothing but a seamless continuous flow into each New Year. All the prep “work” has been done, all the reflection, the fear, the solitude in prayer, then to joy, awareness, and celebration that was Christmas. We still have our tree outside now, but I intend to keep it rather than toss it to the curb like most people have. Having gone through Advent once again, this brings a warming calm to what has now become a consistent cold, dark winter. Bring it.
Ego sum pauper.

Here’s a goal: Can you look yourself in the mirror each day and high five that person? Can you mock, criticize, and sarcastically chide with that person – lovingly? Don’t take it out on me if not. I won’t judge if so regardless, but that should be one’s “resolution”. Then no matter how much the world may want to, and may actually crap on your face, can you still smile and accept “it” for what “it” is? Can you be authentic? Honest with yourself, then straight up truth to others? Granted, it won’t make you many friends, but is a good way to ensure you have the right ones.
Nihil habeo.

I have been training well and with flexibility, have been getting the opportunity to incorporate different schedules from work on a weekly basis with different activity combinations. One drawback though is I can easily lose track of what day it actually is. Another is that is can often vary, allowing for a 1-2 week plan out. But it’s work, I enjoy it, have a great team, and it’s fun. I have no races on the schedule. Going to wing it when I can afford to and mostly a local race if so, but I have nothing on the bulletin board as a target. Learning. Helping. Humility.

I got some good song rotations on the MentalMC iPod and my Polars keep me honest. Big props to Carb-Boom gels, QNT, and RSP for assisting me keep my energy levels high, and also, helping me conk out each night when possible. Chef Homeboy continues to hone his skills with new recipes and with G’s guidance, try new menus when we have a chance to cook and dine. A shout out also to James Haycraft (@jkhayc) and crew at IOS for fine tuning my bike fit the past few months. I have gotten to read more each evening, working my way through those monthly magazines, and yes,  managing to halfway though a Kindle book on weekends.

So onward I go, through the  cold and dark, with my light shining to brighten each day. Some days it may be dim, and I struggle to ignite some sparks, but those days simply thus call for a stronger focus instead. Challenges. Acceptance. Re-NEW-ed
Cor Meum Dabo.

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