As we roll right into the halfway point of February – and fortunately – so far – no snow or what I would even classify as a winter – I’ve been able to sense a feeling of calmness within, not felt like most years at this time. I am focused, but more so at what’s around me. What surrounds me, and more importantly, who I surround myself WITH. Another month and spring will be in bloom. Days getting slowly longer. Lent is on the way. Gathering all this info, I think it’s a great time to write down some of these – with some Enya playing in the background - Valentine’s Day!

Yes another of those heavily commercialized “holidays” again. Granted, yes, a special day to recognize that someone you love and treat/buy/make/create gifts to show it. But wait – isn’t it LOVE that we should be celebrating? The very word that can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and even emoticon. We can express it in feelings, countless actions, words, and to us in the know – with the eyes. We doo what we do cause we LOVE it right? We LOVE this, that, fill in the blank. LOVE folks, yeah that’s what Valentine’s is about. I LOVE my Gina each and everyday, so yes, I’ll treat this day special to US, (and when you have to work on weekends, you find the time) but I think of all the LOVE I’ve been able to be a part of, past and present. Those friends that mean a lot. Family too, as hard as that is. You respect it when it’s recognized. You encourage it when it’s missing. I LOVE what I do, I LOVE what I am.

Sometimes though, you even know when it’s fake/faked. That’s the tough one. Colder than any winter chill. Brush it aside – shovel it too – and those who express it. Simple as that. Why?

It’s too valuable to BE-ING. It ruins the aspect of faith, of hope, of which nothing becomes of anything without it.

You know how some interviews end with the question — “Name x people you’d love to have dinner with.” I’d tell you mine: Gina and Me, hosting a dinner with Mom/Dad/Aunt Josie/Uncle Tony/Uncle Smokey/ Grandma – and you know something, there all gone from me, but it would be HUGE LOVE all around. HUGE LOVE for hours (never mind the amount of sangria and wine). Yeah, and we’d have that dinner ANYDAY, not just on Valentine’s. Because I’d LOVE it.

So don’t just stop and smell the roses. Help grow them too.

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