Lent is in full swing and I am enjoying the “giving” that comes with it. No, not any “giving up” of this or that food, material item, whatever most people do. Nope. Read past journals and you’ll know that Lent for me means simply being there to “give”. I get the feeling of being more humble, forgiving, realizing just how good you actually have it, while using my talents to be able to sacrifice my time, energy, whatever, to provide for others who need/request. It’s a great platform to operate and “spring forward” from into Easter. So yeah if you don’t want that chocolate, I’ll be happy to take that off your hands. We got a Kitchen Aide mixer now too so Chef Homeboy gotz all the tools to go crazy making goods. Gina has been creating some awesome crochet items and even has now added carpentry revitalization projects to her stable of talents.

But it does suck that changing the clock forward leaves me once again to start my day in the darkness, like Advent. Granted having an extra hour in the evening may be helpful, but most nights we are in bed by 9, and if I’m working late, don’t get to see much of it anyway. But the lights always on inside and with some warmer weather here,¬†makes for an easy burden to deal with for at least the next few weeks. I was able to get in for a tune up w/Jessica Marriott at Sports Massage Therapy which also provided some valuable feedback on key weak spots. Gina’s training has been going well, and also with the nicer weather, allows her to be able to become more consistent. Progressing forward.

Best time of year being a sports business fan for sure. Learn a lot about values for sure. And what it means to be a commodity. Or a transaction.
Prefer to listen to radio nowadays too instead of TV. Serious. And slowly becoming less inclined with emails. Most of it is like REGULAR mail now. – junk.

We had the opportunity to go and visit Gina’s Pops for his 94th birthday. A quick weekend of planes, trains, and automobiles, but the dinner out at Bella Via with true family was worth every minute no matter how brief. Blessings, love,¬†and prayer all around. – - – but we won’t be making the attempt in February anymore for sure.

We are enjoying being simplified. We realize things as they are and know where we stand. A home, Holmes, and home cooking. And plenty of sangria yo.

We are happy, with eyes focused and stern at heart. We love, but also can flip that switch. Pardon the bluntness if so.
Hop hop hop towards Easter. Time to rise and shine soon.

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