Love me some Lent! Wow! This has been a fun ride of reflection, introspection, deeds for the greater good, humility, perspective, and sacrifice. The dark mornings are bringing daylight earlier and earlier. Sunsets at 8pm. Temperatures teasing with the 70′s on a frequent basis. Yes! Bundle it all together and it times well for HOLY WEEK! Easter is upon us and to me, an official opening of the grave and rising up anew to reveal the true self. With courage. Resolve. Bring it forward. Hop, hop, and hop like a bunny yo. Lest I forget – I also get a year older in age in a few weeks too!!! Bring me some more wisdom!! I have discovered so much this Lent and the journey has been well worth the wait! Though things may be rough, screw it, heck, I got reasons to celebrate. And will always find the brighter side. Keeping it real.

I can honestly speak when I say I am surely getting less concerned with all this excess social media stuff, preferring to be simplified in my choice of news outlets, emails, and well anything screen related. There is SO much garbage out there that it isn’t worth my grey matter to be concerned with it. Not even in the short term memory bank. Omit/Delete. Other than my Kindle books, think I’d rather spend that quiet time with Gina, Tony Bennett radio playing on Pandora, talking, interacting, and the occasional TV viewing with good ok’ basic cable news – if there is something interesting to see. I have been training very well to stay in top shape and love it. If the opportunity comes to race, I will, but know my work schedule is unreliable to plan anything, so I have learned, as well as accept, to let it be. Not an issue at all. I am training most days and available weekends with Gina as she prepares for her triathlon. Actually, I prefer to do this. It’s fun. Perspectives. ( Still I do expect to hammer out the usual celebratory BIRTHDAY WORKOUT coming up )

I will soon decrease my level of tweets @teammc1, choosing to rely solely on my journal and website. Maybe venture into adding some videos to the site instead. Still experimenting in planning with that one. I am also exploring schedule wise some projects that were best saved for the milder weather/longer days coming up. FACT – just reducing my level of “stuff”. Relevance. Truth.

I hope everyone takes a little time in their own way to rise up this Easter, and scramble your eggs. Yo.

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