What an awesome few weeks it has been!! I successfully hammered through my 42nd birthday workout (42m Bike/42min Run/42min UBE/42 lap Swim) as I even had the day off work to just conquer it – and recover. Thanks to a huge dish of Gina lasagna and a homemade Gina cake – I had plenty to eat the entire week!! Mind that after working the entire weekend prior, we dined at our favorite celebratory place – Maggiano’s! that Sunday. Oh, and plenty of wine/sangria went down too for sure. Funny thing is that I probably felt the residual effects of that workout the entire week too as I simply kept the rest of the week ”normal”.

Just another year on the docket age wise, but everyday is a ”birth”day as I long hold the belief that we live each day we’re given. At this point, yes, you KNOW what needs to be done. You do it. You try to enjoy it – it meaning things you encounter each day, the people, with the idea that when it comes time to end the day – no matter how late or early, you sleep well. You grow. I have another book on the MC Kindle again and it’s Jon Acuff’s DO OVER. I read his book QUITTER and enjoyed it, even now follow his daily pointers, and hope this book just gives some clarification on being able to hit that D.O. button when you need to. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’d rather read a few chapters of a book after a long day than deal with internet/tv stuff anytime. Cut it out.

The weekends are getting nicer but still dealing with those April showers. Getting plenty soaked here and there commuting, but also sweating good during those morning sessions where the humidity now hits 70-80%. It’s great time to be a sports business fan like myself with all the playoffs going on, NFL draft, baseball injuries, and of course the boxing fight. Big bucks yo. It was an interesting Boston marathon from the few interviews I saw, but not one I watched or saw any highlights of. Does it all stir up the juices to get out there and race? Not much.

I feel more of a calm these days and with the sun rising earlier/setting later, get to see more from it. Probably why until something gets done with this time changing crap, feel best April-October. Less and less “darkness” to deal with – and I’m not referring to the seasons, as with things and people. I’m not content – far from it - just more accepting of my deck based on WHO deals the cards. I know if I don’t like it, I’ll move to another table and “play the game”. But boy am I learning continuously, and together with Gina, know true happiness and where it’s at.

That’s a birthday gift you can unwrap EVERY day yo.

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