DO Sweat It

The best part of any May is of course Memorial Day weekend right? Not so, since most of us still work that entire weekend “holiday”, but May is also a time to celebrate them MOM’s. Certainly a heartfelt spiritual moment for me as I memorialize my Mom whom I never really knew. I also send out emails/give hugs to those I consider my “Mom’s” in appreciation for what they have meant to me personally and with my own growth. Truly a blessing to those kids who can grow up with one in their lives. And in these days……… your better get yourself a tough love mother yo.

This year Gina and I got to run the Momma’s Run 5K in Southpark on Mother’s Day to honor our mom’s, both deceased. It was a great morning to just celebrate all the women out there who double duty as well, rattle off the 10 or so things you can name. It was a great turnout of several hundred, mostly families running together and a great post race atmosphere all contained in the small shopping center. A tough course too, but Gina had a great time and is well on pace in her training for her triathlon June 7th. Afterwards we made some breakfast for my sister and brother-in-law who were in the area for the weekend and wined-dined with them the rest of the day (they were also celebrating their wedding anniversary). Some serious glasses of sangria, moscato, reisling, and Allagash went down that weekend yo.

But it’s still a mostly junk social media world and we both agree it’s slowly becoming an automated society where other’s stupidity becomes the norm and the rest of us have to just try and work around that. For now. Yes life for me =  A WE plus SOME.

I had the pleasure to volunteer and help sponsor the Let Me Run Boys 5K Springfest in Huntersville this past weekend. Lori Klingman and Paul Marino are great people who have helped grow this program here in Charlotte and I have tried to assist their program in anyway I could for a few years now. This was a year-end race for some 500 young boys to race a 5K on a challenging course and well, have some fun too. I had a table for VitaminShoppe as a vendor and with it an entry into the open category of the race. Gina and I set out for the event after her training and we arrived first around 10am. Jen from S2F was already busy setting up and it was fun to get to say hello and chat for a bit. As other vendors arrived, we helped them set their pop up tents and ‘shoot the breeze’. By 11:30, the place was hopping and festival atmosphere in force. The sun was beating down and even though the race itself didn’t start until 1pm, you started to wish it was a little earlier. Once everyone lined up, I donned my LMR shirt and 3T tri shorts to represent the sponsors. Goal was to just run hard and the fact that it was 85 degrees may work to my advantage. With many little kids around you in the start corral, a slow start was a must. 3 breaths. Haven’t done this in a while.

Off we went and once we made the quick turn I was able to see 3 blast way out ahead. One looked like a legit speedster with his Reckless Running jersey so I simply made my ay past the 2 kids up front and by the half mile mark the RR kid had a good 15 second lead on me already. I was just planning on holding pace and letting 2nd stay in my possession. Despite a nice downhill and open road, a the 1 mile mark I hit 5:51. Kid still had his lead. Once we made a left onto a quick out/back section, it seemed like he was slowing. I knew we still had the huge uphill back to the finish and even at mile 2 I was at 6:00 pace – but was GAINING on him. What do I do here? An unexpected in-game chess match. Not easy to do at 170 bpm. Knowing the hill was coming up I shifted: if he dies on the hill I will eat it up. As I turn to make the climb, I see him and the lead car. Half way up the hill, I can see his shoulders slump and his cadence slow. I pump my arms and know now that I can catch him. BUT – does he have a kick and if so then it’s tricky. Got to pass him before hill ends. I get closer. I come up on his left shoulder and now hear him gassing. I know he can’t kick, so I push up and OVER the hill. Don’t stop. I now make the pass and just keep the lead car in sight. Push. The course makes a loop of one of the business parking lots. I can see I have a gap already. Screw it, don’t slow, maintain speed. The hot air gets easily processed. I hit the 3rd mile in 5:55. I make the turn and a nice finish line “celebration” pumping up the crowd and showing the LMR shirt. Wow! A win. That was fun. I cross the line and give high fives. I was for the RR kid, then the 3rd place kid who impressed as he was the first LMR boy. Knowing my legs were going to cramp if I didn’t move, I walked over to Gina for a kiss/hug and then feel all the sweat from the effort.  All is good.

We hang with Jeri and Susi in the LMR Merchandise tent. This was a nice surprise catch up since we haven’t seen them in a few months. Now it was all about celebrating the event and once the award ceremony was done, we had been packed up already and headed home. Keep moving was the key as we still had to drop off the vendor stuff at the store before then going to church. Wham bam thank you damn. But we get it done. Typical Saturday it seems. But it was good to get out there, support a great organization, and let one rip in the process.

Now the weather is heating up – and with it the humidity. Gina and I planted down the garden: tomatoes, blueberries, oregano, basil, mint, leeks, and cantaloupes. It’s time to acclimate to the welcomed mornings of 6am sunrises and 65 degree weather (90% humidity to). I like it. Read and get to bed by 9:30. Transition to the second half of the year? Take a mid-year chill first. Wow, let’s do it. Step off yo. Time to sweat.




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