Yes, summer is here and though I can feel the clock slowly creeping back in the opposite direction, I am now simply dealing with the joy of rising up really early and getting the training in before the HEAT/HUMIDITY/HAZE of the day hits. It takes about a week for me to sweat out and acclimate to it, slowly each day becoming more accustomed to the stress of the 3H, but by the end of the week it is a draining process which is welcomed by a good deep sleep and few days of just ‘chill’ workouts. When you can swim laps in an outdoor pool AND STILL SWEAT – that’s hot. With the appetite a bit suppressed here, Gina and I have switched to cold dishes prepared on the weekend, thus a no-cook policy in effect when its still 90 degrees out at 7-8pm. It helped to have no AC at work for 2 days to adjust to this weather but was certainly happy when it was fixed. Smoothies “reign” in the evenings after late shifts which replenish well. Gina has been getting use to this weather also in small bits and our 6am bike rides on the weekends help get things done with less stress. She has been more concerned with the lack of rain for the garden but she has done an amazing job at making sure that thing is still blooming and looking awesome. The new hose also doubles as a great cool down tool.

We spent Father’s Day celebrating our Pops. Mine deceased for 3 years now and we took to task a project that was completed on time – thus adding to a celebratory toast Salute! Her Pops is still going strong so we planned a day of memories by: the early bike ride, quick drive up to Statesville where we beat the Sunday crowd to have a great Cracker Barrel breakfast, then to the Daveste Vineyard where we used a gift certificate we won in a raffle to have a free wine tasting, 2 comp glasses, and a small discount on 6 wines they make. We spent an hour in rocking chairs overlooking the vineyard with a cool breeze on us, and 2 glasses of sangria! SALUTE TO OUR POPS!! Awesome. A great place and soooooo peaceful.

We made it home in time to then take a quick nap before closing the hot day with some new vino and pizza while listening to Paverotti. Italian style yo. Happy Father’s Day.

I am entered in a few races and look forward to letting things rip while also serving as a brand ambassador. I have been accepted to be a part of the Rita’s Ice team and certainly have always cooled off (and Gelati’s used as a hydration tool) their ices/gelati products! Looking forward to working with them in that ambassadorship. In August, I also am going to do a triathlon race for Polar back home and we will be planning that as a family trip to see her Dad and stay with her sisters on LI. THAT FOR SURE will be fun times. Get away we need.

So we sweat, sweat some more, and take a cold shower each night. Hydrate with everything other than water of course. Pour that over your head. Yeah summer’s here.

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