With only 2 weeks between races, and more specifically going from a tri race to a running race, I had to be extra cautious not to over-train or risk an injury doing so. I worked plenty of consecutive days and implemented some new nutritional strategies to the MC arsenal, mainly to help with sleep and also different drinks prior to/during training. It worked out well and as race day approached, both of us were ready to represent OrthoCarolina in it’s prime event of the year. Gina was going to do the 5K and though she wasn’t in the best shape for it, was ready for the challenge. She even recruited about 10 people from here Ballantyne office to do the 5K this year! https://www.orthocarolina.com/locations/detail/ballantyne  Last year it was only her and Chris, the x-ray tech (who make an awesome skirt steak). She was also trying to co-ordinate that so we even did a small shake-out jog before we left race morning! I was concerned only because my schedule overloaded Friday where I did way too much than I wanted to, but I still held to my goal in the 10K was to finish around 36 minutes. I made sure to wear the compression to sleep that night.

Weather was great with a small dip in the humidity enough to make a noticeable difference and actually “feel good”. It was easy to get to, park, and meet everyone on her team for pictures and a brief pow-wow. Great crowd and Justin at Sisu Events had things rolling. The 5K was to start 15 minutes before the 10K so I gave Gina nice kiss and saw her line up. She was hoping to do a run 1 minute/ walk 30 seconds so off they went! I had a few minutes to loosen up and saw Ashley, Adam who is training for Milwaukee Marathon, and former Kahuna teammate Tracker aka Allan Strickland (who has an awesome blog himself: https://allensroadtoboston.wordpress.com/ ) I lined up right at the front and found myself next to IOS manager Melissa Bell. It was a Who’s-Who in the Charlotte running scene at this race! I set my Polar, lowered the shades to zone “in”, and prepared to run hard. 3 deep breaths.

I immediately got to the front and settled in right behind Adam. The crowd withered quickly and soon the horse studs were already out in front as a small pack of 5-6 dwindled as a chase group. The first mile goes by in 5:45 and is smooth. I like this and can sure hold this pace if settled. Adam takes me through the first few miles, then he gets ahead and I enjoy him catching a few others but in a tag match with one guy. I am only 10 seconds back and the course allows for views ahead of you to gauge strategy. Several guys fall back and I catch, but by mile 4, its solely catching who is in front of you only, especially hitting mile 4 in a 5:23 on the downhill section.  Adam is slowly coming back to me, and I know the big hill climbs that whole last mile. I pretty much just stayed within myself and paced it well.  My only hope is that all in front drop and come back to me. I count at least 4 who could. And wow what a climb! It’s an honest course for sure and the test here hits you. The crowds are few but only when you get to the final 400m do they appear. I try to aim at a dude right behind Adam and have no sprint speed left. I actually have one guy gas out and indeed catch me in the final stretch. Well done on his part! I couldn’t respond to that one without popping something. I happen to see one of Gina’s teammates who walked the 5K and give her a friendly “pat” on the behind as I cross the line in 36:30! Wow! That was a good push. Averaged 5:53 pace and finish 12th overall – 2nd age group – and only 15 seconds separate me and 7th place – who was Adam. I was pleased and looked forward to some cool down to stay intact.

Gina and Chris did a 42:47 which was only a minute slower for them last year! They were elated and her whole crew had a great time. Who wouldn’t? Free beer, plenty of snacks, and music! All before 9am??? Only at a running event. I cooled down just a bit with Adam as it was nice to get some catch-up conversation in with him and how he was doing. I saw Ashley finish (she just adopted her 2nd kid) and Adam’s wife Audra finished well within her goals. A nice morning all around in the community. Good fun. Once Gina and all had been scattered about and left, it was time to enjoy OUR day. We got home, jumped in the pool for a relaxing swim, then I cooked her a nice breakfast. As typical for us, we crammed the day with some afternoon chores, but sure enough, had a big bottle of moscato with dinner. Toast the day yo! Well done. Nice bling too!


I have one more triathlon on the horizon but with work the next few weekends, I look forward to it on Sept. 26th -  Setup Events Cane Creek Triathlon in Waxhaw. Gina and I plan to do the IOS’s SouthEnd Shuffle 5K together on the 19th as well, but that’s all on tap for the next month. So good training, plenty of work, and WE time in between. WE.

I am implementing a new inner workout called The Daily Examen. It consists of a little G.R.A.C.E. at the end of each day and I find it very encouraging going forward. Gratitude, Request for Light, Account for Action/Attitude, Chart your Course, and Enthusiasm for a new day. With the darkness looming more and more in the morning, it’s a comforting exercise for MC inner self. Yo.

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