TIME to prepare CHANGE

Is it Fall yet? Tough to say but the clock-back-an-hour deal will make it certainly feel like it. Though I enjoy the brief few weeks of a pre-7am sunrise, when your runs start way before that you don the Xinglet reflector vest and be seen regardless. So many runners (heck even you dog walkers) don’t think a lick about the possibility of getting “licked” out there. You even wear DARK clothing. But you don’t forget your headphones of course. Sorry, but I just don’t acknowledge you. I can’t see you anyway. Evening time is worse out there! We have had some days of cooler weather but now a few days of warmer 60-70′s, a big dose of rain on one day, and the rest of week back to cold. Perfect and ripe for illness. We have had many customers coming in for their immune booster/support vitamins, and even Gina got slammed sick one day last week where she just had to stay home and rest. Was actually the best type of day for her to get sick – dreary, cold, rain all day. She recovered big time after just one day.  The key now is just be diligent and smart about being around others and at work so as not to get ill. I have my vitamin arsenal stacked.

That didn’t stop me from run commuting the other day in torrential rain. With proper Sugoi/GoreTex gear though, it kept me dry as I ran to work, then over to Dilworth Elementary to coach my Let Me Run (www.letmerun.org) crew, then back home to call it a day of wetness. No issue other than maybe being in bed by 9pm that night from being tired once it hit. One thing for sure those new “root beers” – Not Your Grandfather’s and Coney Island ones are just as good as a sangria on these days! When I do get the chance to rest and read I have started to make a dent in my latest book The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Happiness_Hypothesis) Rein those elephants yo - not reindeers. Great reading for my Pre-Advent phase.

I do enjoy coaching the LMR boys. To see a group of 14 boys in 4th-5th grade go from a chaotic motley crue to a well-oiled running TEAM, is a joy in coaching. Though it is only 2x a week for a few hours each time, the past 2 months have been awesome being a part of this group. Their final “test” is a 5K race on Nov. 21st which I will post about for sure. Here’s a picture of the gang:

This week Gina and get to celebrate our 9th Engagement Anniversary! Yes, I proposed just before the finish line at the 2006 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida. It was the first year they held the championships and was happy to be able to qualify and race – with the major bonus of planning the whole proposal thing with help from my sisters, my crew at Tiffany’s, and being able to get it on the live finish line video feed. I am trying to get a link back to the video as it seems to be no longer is available, but I have contacted the Ironman office about it. What a day that was!! I think it was the last time I was actually NERVOUS about a race. I HAD to finish that one, and make sure nothing faltered. OMG what a day that was! What a trip! And we’ll never forget it. Holding onto that little blue box in my left hand as I rounded the final mile of the run!

Clearwater still holds a place in our hearts and love visiting when we do (though it was for another World Championship event in 2009). We’ll celebrate our best way possible - even on a work weekday. LY!

I am in my pre-Advent phase which allows me the opportunity to prepare or MY change – the time of year I TURN BACK my inner clock and recall the good, the bad, the great, the ugly, recall it all. My training helps me with this because I don’t strap on a Polar to monitor anything. I don’t write out any specific workouts. I simply FEEL. I PLAY. The mind learns new pathways, the body stays strong and fit, and the soul cleans up. Every year. And it begins Nov. 29th.

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