What an Advent! It’s been a great 4 week journey inside/out and the calm, serenity, and darkness brings with it new wisdom and bright light. Preparedness. I am eager and anticipate the new year as a Christmas gift soon to be unwrapped. The weather has been so warm and mild that it doesn’t feel like winter has just begun (though in a few weeks that may be different). I have had the chance to really just test, play, read, write, and rest when possible. Now, I am awake and ready to shine light on a 2016 fast approaching.

Gina and I have been working crazy schedules and get 1-2 days a week where we can catch up, wine and dine together. But we do get to finally relax again on the 25th and it will be nice to just push out the world for just a day. We plan to have our annual TEAMMC meeting and discuss options, seek improvements, and more US going into the new year. Change is always good, even welcomed. We have the plans.

I am happy to be a part of AAA Carolinas as a blog writer and will be assisting them as a brand ambassador again at some of their SetUp Events triathlons during the year. I’d like to thank Clean Bottle too for helping Santa deliver these to all TEAMMC members this holiday!

And to Polar for this cool holiday greeting: http://www.polar.com/thankyouvideo/?kid=566e394203d599f00ba40f0d

And so we begin 2016. What’s the plan? Well, my aim is towards the Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake race in June to attempt qualification for the World Championships – which will be held in Australia. A long awaited honeymoon perhaps too? Lofty, but doable. there will be a few tests in between, but only local events as I sort out and try to better predict an unpredictable work schedule. But I greet the New Year with the renewed self and strap on my Polar monitor daily again. The heart beats.

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