Up to this point, we have had a small taste of winter here. Some mild temps in the afternoons, some cold mornings that warrant the whole mittens/Sugoi gear to get those runs in, and now more frequent walk-jogs to work instead of biking in. But today, yes indeed, Mother Nature gives us a nice timeout by sending us a snowstorm. Yesterday it got up into the 40′s making it nice and warm. The impending storm loomed on media broadcasts as it was to develop overnight. Jammed a lot of errands/workouts/work in this week, and I’ve had a big few weeks in training and based on my Polar tracking was due for some type of easy day to recover out of the red. Gina was actually all set up here with being able to finally access her work computer so the timing was spot on. It seemed like we’ve both been working daily and haven’t had much time together where we got to spend the ENTIRE day together. We went to bed early not knowing whether or not our work schedules would be modified Friday. Regardless, we made sure everything was charged and prepared for any possible power outages that may occur.

We awoke from a deep sleep to her notice that OrthoCarolina offices were closed. That was a good start as we at least got to sleep in till a late 6:30ish today. I was set to work the afternoon shift at VS so was awaiting word on my schedule. We saw a nice bed of snow and some ice sleet falling and knew Charlotte was shutting down for the day. Love it. I did my workouts on the trainer/UBE and Gina was able to contact all patients on rescheduling from here. Soon after we were both done, around 10am, I got word VS was closed. Awesome. We had our day off via Mother Nature!! We were able to make a long overdue leisurely breakfast together, make many other dishes for the going forward part as we knew our weekend would be work-worked, and made sure the wine was chilled for a nice dinner!

Yes, that’s our Christmas tree in the picture, as I always keep it until it actually dies. Keep watered and it makes a beautiful addition to the patio! (not on the curb of your sidewalk punk.)

Between that though I got in some weight training by shoveling the snow/ice mix for an hour around our apartment and neighbors before it continued to get bad freezing over. Brush off the heavy snow parts while warming up the car a bit. Neighborhood is an ice pond. I was able to wear my USA triathlon parka and solid winter gear only suitable for this type of weather. Including my new Gina crochet pom-pom hat yo! Aces the test once again. It became one of those cozy type of days where “if you don’t have to be out there, don’t” as the media preaches. Disclaimer – if I HAD to go into work today I  could have made it simply by walking in, but screw trying to drive in this. With one car, we aren’t risking the X on these roads. And these Charlotte drivers. C’mon. when 100 accidents occur in a mornings commute during this type of weather, nope I’ll walk. Or jog. We will take today as we do best, enjoying some time together, recovering, and not worrying about tomorrow.

I am officially entered into the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3 in Lubbock, TX. Our friends Deb and Wade Wilson are looking forward to our visit, as Wade is racing to try and clinch a spot in Worlds also. Seems a long way off as I look through the window here and the continuing ice rain that falls and 25-30 degree temps, but it gets hot when I have been training and the mind/body/spirit are dialing in nicely. The 2016 playlist has begun compilation and fuels the innervation required for each days tasks. Snow- Yo.

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