GIVE it UP! It’s LENT!!

Yes indeed, despite some cold temperatures outside, it’s warm and toasty “inside” as I begin to express that new year transformation. Ash Wednesday starts the Lenten season and thanks to parish staff at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Gina and I got new book tools to renew and guide us more in depth through this holy time. Despite what people always claim to “GIVE UP” for Lent, years in this blog know that I always push for just “GIVE” for Lent. I’m use to burning the candle on both ends so Lent simply allows me to follow through more on what I sought to transform during the Christmas season. It’s my test-a-ment to preparing myself for the sacrifice that Lent offers. EGO SUM PAUPER.

Having a grasp on my self-actualization, I have no issue with applying the Lenten principles to task. Always been a giver. I know what sacrifice entails. A little more fasting, abstinence, and a lot more selflessness? Done. Just how I’ve lived. The key is to stay strong, sane, and not get ill doing so. I will in fact “give up” a few things since it will allow me to READ more into what I need to learn. That includes Twitter, any social media junk out there and even TV. Even if it’s just the basic cable we have, turn it OFF. If it lets me turn it ON within, I gain. NIHIL HABEO.

I find my strength during this time where I always have – my love with Gina of course, my Team MC FORCE, the inner workings I experience during training, and sometimes during the most mundane of tasks (like taking out the trash in both these instances), simply looking above and around me. Find yours. Feel yours.


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