With one more week remaining of Lent, I have been putting the finishing touches on what has been a most interesting, reflective, and transformative 40 days. The weather has gotten warmer, the days have gotten longer (though I now often finish workouts in the dark mornings still), the outdoor pool is filled up, and seeing Gina start prepping her garden, know that Spring is here and is ripe for “moving forward”. I have been able to progress with reading Ben Greenfield’s book “Beyond Training” and also read a daily chapter of the Lenten book “Rediscover Jesus” by Matthew Kelly. When I get home from work late and settle in for a smoothie/cereal type dinner, I just want to catch up on things and really have no interest on any TV mostly lame news, etc. Though routine, I settle in each night and go over my Daily Examine, and know what WAS that day and what IS to be the next day. When I walk into work, those 2.5 miles allow me to breathe in some air. Split up the day. Quiet. Observe. Talk to myself. More.

What I have been able to become is more knowledgeable of what it is to be holy. Serious. To live towards a state of holiness. It has brought a new approach to my training, to how I handle things/people/events surrounding me on a daily basis, and most important – to “tune” out what is irrelevant information and what needs to be analyzed and grasped to not only make a difference for me, but also for others. It’s that state of giving what makes it easy. Take it, I insist. Don’t need it. Don’t want it. What’s been the challenge is flipping that switch that isn’t an on/off one, but more like a dimmer switch you have to constantly play with to get the right light.

On the local front, I am pleased to say that I have a renewed brand ambassadorship with Rita’s Italian Ice and also with AAA Carolinas. Been a pleasure working and representing these companies and all they do for their community outreach. I also will continue my assistant coaching with Let Me Run at Dilworth Elementary School work schedule permitting of course. Links to these sites are on the right side of the homepage.

We were able to take a few days at the end of February to see Gina’s Dad for his 95th birthday! We got there on his birthday and shared a loving cold weekend with the family for some good times. Each morning, I got to run along 25A and parts of Kings Park, which allowed for some great perspective but also for some bundled up winter training. I don’t miss that wind one bite. The rest of the day spent in the company of Arthur whenever possible. Spent a great amount of time doing the Jumbles with him next to the fireplace and even watching “Goodbye, Mr. Chips!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVXHWqL2pJM

Man keeps everything clicking with a mindset that any young punk should be envious of. And solidified by a crew that loves him so much. Big props to the Bushmans and Colvins for watching over him daily now.

On the flip side, we did get to venture to St. Charles where I got to say hello to my folks. The FORCE MC:

This Lent has helped renew the vigor for the PASSION week and the RISING that is Easter. Welcome it with open arms and an open heart. Stand up straight. Stay strong. BE. Time to really “spring forward” with more light. Yo.


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