It has become ¬†sentimental for Gina and I to spend Mother’s Day saluting our Mom’s memories. I lost mine at the age of 5 and never really knew her other than some brief flashes and pictures. Couldn’t even tell you what she sounded like. Gina lost her Mom a few years ago after a long time with illness. Last year we decided to do a 5K for them and the Mother’s Day 5K served for us a great means to push and endure some “hard times” like we knew they represented for us. That and of course a big bottle of wine/sangria with dinner! This year Gina said if I wanted to race it, I should, and then just loop around and walk the rest of the way with her. The past few weeks have been really stressful for us as we searched for a car when we had time, but spent the week commuting how we can – her by light rail/bus, me by bike and we have been roughed up on some rainy days as a result. We needed to enjoy this one and get our heads distracted if even for a moment, and we did, which was awesome.

We had rented a car for the weekend as we spent most of our only day off together Saturday car shopping. OMG we got soooooo stressed from all the pressure and suffocating aspects of one place we went to, that we found a bit of solace at The Flying Biscuit for our 2 pm brunch when it was all over. When we got back from church that evening it was all pizza and wine to toast it goodbye (we did enjoy our Dodge Dart with NY plates courtesy of Enterprise and I got to drive all over for a change). That called for a nearly 9 pm bed time as we were sure to get plenty of sleep after the week we’ve been through. But, we planned to awake renewed – at least somewhat.

Warm in the 60′s and to be a sunny day! Perfect for racing! We were up early and only had a short drive to SouthPark for the event. We got our bib’s and shirts and spent the next hour walking around, loosening up, watching the crowds appear. This is a big fundraiser for RunningWorks organization and Justin Ratike and the crew at SISU Events put on an efficient race. We reminisced about our Moms and when the time came, made our way to the start to get it going. We gave each other a kiss and hug and a “Do it for Mom” mantra. It was easy to get it locked in and set as once I put the shades down, its on. 3 deep breaths. And we were off.

Two kids blasted to the front behind the pace car and I simply eased into a nice spot and let them go. Sure enough by the first mile (5:35) I caught them without changing speed as they slowed down. Going through the rolling portion of the course, I focused on the pace car and just dialed into my breathing and yes, channeled Mom. I’m convinced I inherited her athletic traits/discipline/temper that comes with it. I claim my mellow/chill/practical side from my Dad. Ask me the “who I would love to have dinner with?” question and sure enough it would be her (and the remaining round table of MC FORCE that Gina and I would entertain). By mile 2, I was in a good lead but simply focused on the lead pace car. Everything was fine. Stable. Felt it. Good. Now, no screw ups. It was a hilly ending so once I made the final turn, I eased it in and crossed the line in 18:03. ¬†I was crazy happy with that. A great secured win for the Moms!! I shook Justin’s hand and told him I was heading back for Gina. I cheered the crowds coming in as I made my way some 1.5 miles reverse to Gina. She was in good form as I had to jog a bit to keep pace with her walk speed. She was passing people and everyone around this pack was motivating each other. We had some fun along the way and she was pushing for a 45 min goal but we came through in 46:30 which was awesome given the training she had done and she didn’t jog any of it. A blast of a victory for our Mom’s and we displayed our bling proudly for them!

So efficient was the race that everyone was finished, the awards were handed out (was able to score $100 of certificates tor Dick’s Sporting Goods), and the place was vacant by 9:30!!! That gave us plenty of time to get home, stretch, have some java, and I had to head to work for the day. We did of course, salute the day and memories again with wine, rotisserie chicken, and rainbow cake!! Blessed Yum!!

Cherish your Moms people, young kids, for hose who get to experience them during their years. Learn from them. Trust in them. Love them -and LEARN TO LOVE from them.

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