#1438: Mooloolaba Bound

Given that for the past month I’ve had to train in constant temperatures that were in the 70-95+ range, and with suffocating humidity in the mornings, I am in great shape and ready to race this World Championships race. I have acclimated well working each day on calculating and monitoring everything from my sweat rate to weight loss to brain fog to formulating sleep. It has become necessary since the odds of becoming weak from fatigue, overreaching, rapid weight loss, and thus injury risk increases week after week. There have been many a 12-15 hour training weeks and sweated through many a 3-5 hour day, even sweating in the outdoor pool, which I am pleased to have been able to get in laps, after laps at 5 days a week (definitely “mind altering” tested)!! I have utilized a weekend recovery format and used training with Gina as a perfect method for authorizing a proper recovery from the Monday to Friday grind of training and work. Gina and I have been biking, walking, then swimming early morning on the weekends and it has allowed for perfect time to just get the mind and body some rest while also, and more importantly, getting in some QT time with Gina. So with now less than 20 days remaining, I am cutting the overall sessions and allowing for a nice taper. Solid.

We had a whirlwind of a July making sure our plans were settled. We booked our hotel and services through Ken Glah’s Endurance Travel (awesome and I remember starting this sport when he was a stud pro), arranging for the flights, securing our visas, arranged for the Black Widow to get there thanks to TriBike Transport, and now that I have officially been assigned number 1438, it feels official. We even found and contacted a Catholic church so we can get to Mass the evening before race day! ¬†We plan to do the pre-pack packing next weekend. I plan to take all my former World Championship gear to wear too! Since it is Spring in Mooloolaba (which is north of Brisbane in Queensland), temperatures are in the 55-75 range but could get warmer. Based on the predicted Celsius conversions, could get fortunate with a hot spell and some 80-85 degree weather!!!

We are both looking forward to this trip. We wish we could take Holmes with us too, but he’ll be just fine with his lady friends Jody and Eimear looking out for him. Though I have biked around Europe and raced across the world in Thailand, those were without Gina. Our last trip together across the globe was to Ironman Japan back in 2005! Wow what a trip that was. I always say that adventure (more like an excursion) “sealed the deal” for me with Gina. And we were just DATING then!!!! But planning this trip has been a fun experience nonetheless, and this time it is going to be great adventure. I plan to race hard, race smart, and represent the USA best I can. Watching some of the Olympics certainly helps pump you up. I have plenty of time to rest and get the mind in race mode when we depart, and I even have my book with some 500+ pages still to finish to pass the time (SHOE DOG by Nike’s Phil Knight). But until we board that plane, I have to simply make sure to stay healthy, be prepared, and listen to Gina.

A big shout out to Wayne and Matt at Polar USA for the constant support and new edition units to the MC arsenal. Also major props to Jessica Marriott at Sports Massage Therapy for keeping MC intact, Ryan at Clean Bottle, Kristina at the Rita’s Ice in Plaza Midwood, Richard and Aimee at AAA Carolinas, the Greg & Andrew crew at Inside Out Sports, and Xrcel.
Full action and live tracking can be found at www.ironman.com on September 4th.


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