The past month I’ve been able to allow myself to fully recover from our trip. It took a good week to actually feel back at home, as we had to adjust to the hot weather, back to work, and time changes. I was able to get a mild flow of my “playing in shape” workouts this month and was able to swim daily (even with a wetsuit) until our outdoor pool finally closed Oct.1. No heart monitors, no plans. Just return to “normal” for a bit. Nothing structured. Just do. Something. Through the years Advent has been my time to start plans and get a new flow going, and this year will be no different. Change is imminent and required. I got my physical exam done, cleared by Dr. Keith Anderson at Novant Health and the MChine is looking good on the inside. I got the minor ticks checked out by Jessica Marriott at Sports Massage Therapy. I also have been able to work on several projects including coaching again with this crew at Let Me Run at Dilworth Elementary.

One fun project I have put together was a video for our 6th wedding anniversary! Celebration in love. (and cake, and wine). The thousands of miles together, with GINA my wife, my BFF truly, mad love yo!!!




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