The year has begun with a “flurry” not of snow and cold, but with sneezes and COLDS. It seems everyone around you is sick, getting sick, or was sick. The weather has been so unseasonable. I wore shorts and a t-shirt the other day in 75 degree weather. Not complaining, but I’ve been fortunate not to get slammed sick. But was close.

We had our first threat of snow a few weeks ago. I was scheduled to be off for the entire weekend, a first free weekend in a month. I didn’t mind the idea of waking up late on Saturday seeing Charlotte with a few inches of snow and frigid temps to stay home with Gina. The freezing rain started just as we both got home on Friday. However, come the early morning, we were up and only saw an inch or so with more slick ice. I then get the call from work – instead of closing, they would try to open 10-5 since snow was predicted later in the day. Problem? Yes. No one could drive in and I was asked to walk in since I lived closest. Granted I would earn overtime, but we weren’t happy. I had to bundle up like this and off I went (that’s an awesome parka by the way from USA Triathlon I scored a few years ago, and with Gina’s knitted hat – trust I was weatherproof).

The snow started to come down pretty hard just as I left, but I hoofed the 2.5 miles in about 45 minutes. Sure enough, everything around the area was closed. And stayed closed. I didn’t see my first customer until 11:30!! The sun came out around 2 and did a majority of sales from then until 4. By 5, after only 32 sales, I was sure enough out the door, but the sun was still out which made it way easier walking home. Gina greeted me with a shot of Kahlua and the smell of her homemade meatloaf stuffed with goat cheese was what motivated me to finish the day (and wine).  But I was spent the rest of the evening and was in bed by 9pm.

Sunday was the coldest day of the weekend as we woke to single digit temps. We had to walk to/from church that morning and when we got back, I was getting worn out sick. I slipped into my Sock Monkey onesie and didn’t move off the Man Chair. In fact we both passed out for a good 2 hour nap. Monitored everything and took everything in my natural arsenal to feel better. Rest. We were in bed by 9 that night. So much for the weekend.

The week progressed where it was up to 70 degrees by Thursday. Sure all the snow melted, just like the city of Charlotte hoped for and always does. Few bother to shovel, and good luck driving. Big city right?  And that’s how it’s been since. Gina eventually came home later that week sick and got real bad that next weekend. She’s getting better, but far be it from taking a sick day. Ironsherpa diesel fight. Easy for most people to, but when your the BWOC, you’re suppose to right? Think a pat on the back or some hookup? Nope. That’s management these days. Skimping value on your most valuable employees to save. Worthless.

I did get my official AWA emblem in my favorite phat color scheme which was a nice surprise. A thanks to my big sister Lisa and her service for helping me redo my resume ( I have stayed in good shape despite all this wackiness and started getting strapped to my Polar for certain monitoring aspects. That gingerbread house got grounded up and made for a great cereal combo with my BooBerry. Combined with my MetRx “twisted” smoothie – POW. I have even started a more elaborate prayer regime in the War Room just to boost the internal spiritual immune system. How best to “be around” and with the energy required to “BE”.

I think it’ll be needed for 2017 in order to handle the outside “coldness” no matter how warm it is now. Yo.

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