It’s been a solid month and I’m happy with the way things that I have been able to test, play, and test some more have meshed well in their implementation into a structure. Like the way Gina crochets a massive blanket, I’ve needled an even NEWER structure cause every year you have an older engine, wiser mindset, and an always younger desire. I can’t complain about the weather at all this “winter” as I started brick sessions of bike/runs already when I normally wouldn’t until March. I’ve been able to get in the YWCA pool 1-2x a week for good long sessions which minimized my UBE use this winter to 1-2 a week. Most years I would solely be on the UBE during the winter. With a solid nutrition profile, a crazy good Mental MCiPod playlist this year (some serious riffs from Amaranthe and locked down Pandora stations of Skillet/Hair Bands/Metallica) to fuel the mind during those long bike trainer sessions, and the satisfying 5:30am reflective runs allowed for me to get in great shape sooner. Granted my work schedule is provided to me on a weekly basis can cause a disaster in planning things, but the diversity it brings calls for patience and detailed scheduling. Discipline. Stick with it for now. This all brought together some lovely engine “oil” for dieselness in the MChine. LEARNED LOVE.

But the keys have been to get some deep sleep even when it’s just 5-6 hours,  avoid getting sick by taking the proper wellness immune boosting supplements, and plenty of hand washing. Always shower at the end of the day too. Always. Word. Often overlooked cause you can’t “see” it, but managing the levels of good/bad stress around you requires continuous body/mind checks with the adjustment of choices and attitudes. Got to diffuse and deflect. Sometimes got to put on your mink coat Conor McGregor style BUT talk smack silently as encouragement to stay motivated and move forward. TOUGH LOVE. 

Gina and I did get to spend our normal date night out on Super Bowl Sunday at Maggiano’s. A tradition for us now over the years: book a dinner on SB Sunday at 6:30 and wine/dine with your honey in quietness. The streets were empty and we enjoyed another fine Italian dinner with sangria!! We also spent Valentines Day evening  with our favorite homemade “dinner”: chocolate chip pancakes w/thick chocolate cherry sauce!! And some wine of course. A little quiet time cherished. TRUE LOVE.

I am happy to spread the happiness of Rita’s Italian Ice again this year and will be teaming up with Kristina Fisher and her crew at the University/Plaza Midwood locations as their Brand Ambassador. I scored these beauties on their Opening Day: a quart of strawberry chocolate cream ice with a Peppermint Chip/Coffee custard Misto!! Stay tuned @teammc1 on Twitter for action there.

Excited also for some new TEAM MC gear in the works thanks to Scott Welch and his crew at 1stChoiceActivewear.


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